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Albanian apple: case study

While apple production in Albania is an important source of income for many rural communities, there has been a lack of development in practice and technology to increase yields. Since 2008 CABI has been working with key partners in agricultural education and production to change the story, building capacity for growth from the farm to the classroom.



We are using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to help Albanian apple farmers increase their income

Despite significant progress, agriculture in Albania is still underdeveloped. This case study shows how CABI helped overcome problems in the sector. We implemented a project on IPM followed by a three-year institutional partnership project. This case study gives an overview of the challenges, actions and impacts which have resulted from CABI's work improving sustainable apple production in Albania in recent years.


Reducing the amount of pesticides

Through increased use of biological control, a CABI team were able to reduce the amount of pesticides farmers used by 60% and eliminate the use of the most harmful pesticides completely. In addition, we helped farmers reduce the volume of pesticides applied per treatment by 50%.

apple farmers

Implementing and supporting integrated solutions

Farming in Albania used to rely on pesticides and harmful chemicals, so was unsustainable and expensive. By implementing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques and educating farmers in them, we are able to reduce the cost of pest control and ensure that it was carried out in a way that was sustainable and beneficial to the biodiversity of the land.

apple farmers with pascal

Providing knowledge and education

Through a variety of materials for students and farmers, we are providing information on Rational Pesticide Use (RPU), training farmers in applying pesticides and teaching them about identifying pests and diseases.  


See our project record for this work.