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Veterinary and Animal Sciences

CABI has been providing scientific information in veterinary science and animal science since the 1930s. Our resources are used by veterinarians, animal scientists, researchers, livestock farmers, extension workers, policy makers, teachers and students to improve the health, welfare and productivity of animals in both developed and developing countries.

VetMed Resource is a comprehensive tool for veterinarians and the tool of choice when it comes to keeping up-to-date on developments in veterinary science, and for basing practice on the best available evidence.

Our CAB Abstracts database covers all aspects of animal science, including dairy science, husbandry, breeding, welfare and behaviour, genetics, reproductive biotechnology, and nutrition of domestic and farmed animals and aquaculture species, and all aspects of veterinary medicine including companion animals, equines, wild animals and food animals.

CABI’s Animal Science database covers nutrition, dairy science and technology, breeding, health, genetics and biotechnology. It is tailored for those working in animal science at universities, research institutes, genetic and feed corporations, dairy companies, government agencies and research planners.

Animal Health & Production Compendium covers the health and production of pigs, poultry and ruminants. It contains over 800 datasheets on diseases and breeds with pictures, glossary and distribution maps.

Aquaculture Compendium addresses issues of health and production of aquatic animals and plants. It includes case studies covering major aquaculture issues and hot topics that summarise present knowledge, and provide models of practical problem solving and improvement through educational, technical, social or economic innovation.

CAB Reviews publishes high-quality review articles to complement the information on our bibliographic databases, including CAB Abstracts and VetMed Resources. Coverage includes animal production, breeding and genetics, nutrition, aquaculture, parasitology, dairy science and veterinary public health.


CABI also publishes a wide range of Books and eBooks aimed at academics, students, practitioners and policy makers.


Fraser’s The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse


Rabbit Production


Encyclopedia of Scale Insect Pests


Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition


The Fruit Fly Fauna (Diptera : Tephritidae : Dacinae) of Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua, Associated Islands and Bougainville