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A success story of new land resettlement in Bangladesh
Edited by Andrew Jenkins and Natasha Haider
Open Access eBook | 9781789246056 | Jun 2020
Meeting the Needs of Southern Africa
Edited by Raymond Auerbach
Open Access eBook | 9781786399625 | Oct 2019
Guidelines for Selecting, Sourcing, Producing and Using Biopesticides for Key Pests of Tobacco
Keith A Holmes, Dirk Babendreier, Melanie Bateman, Malvika Chaudhary, Julien Grunder, Margaret Mulaa, Léna Durocher-Granger and Muhammad Faheem
Open Access eBook | 9781789242010 | Feb 2019
Seizing the Momentum
Edited by Shenggen Fan
Open Access eBook | 9781786399328 | Jan 2019
Non-existent to Best Practice
Thierry Hoza Ngoga
Open Access eBook | 9781786394545 | Oct 2018
Impacts on Development and Options for Management
Edited by Carol A Ellison, Sean T Murphy and K V Sankaran
Open Access eBook | 9781786393814 | Apr 2019
Edited by Alain Roques, Michelle Cleary, Iryna Matsiakh and René Eschen
Open Access eBook | 9781786394415 | Sept 2017
Edited by Peter G Mason, David R Gillespie and Charles Vincent
Open Access eBook | 9781786394118 | Sep 2017
Market led Approaches to Plant Variety Design in Africa
Edited by Gabrielle J Persley and Vivienne M Anthony
Open Access eBook | 9781786393814 | Apr 2019
Principles and Practices
Edited by Giuseppe Colla, Francisco Pérez-Alfocea and Dietmar Schwarz
Open Access eBook | 9781780648989 | Jun 2017
Edited by Donal Murphy-Bokern, Fred Stoddard and Christine Watson
Open Access eBook | 9781780646749 | May 2017
Edited by Paul McNamara and Austen Moore
Open Access eBook | 9781786390608 | May 2017
Melanie Bateman, Erica Chernoh, Keith A Holmes, Julien Grunder and Manfred Grossrieder
Open Access eBook | 9781786392381 | Dec 2016
Esther Gerber and Urs Schaffner
Open Access eBook | 9781786390806 | Nov 2016
Gemma Aellah, Tracey Chantler and P Wenzel Geissler
Open Access eBook | 9781786390059 | Sep 2016
Edited by Thomas Fairhurst
Open Access eBook | 9781786394545 | Oct 2018
Edited by Charles S Wortmann and Keith Sones
Open Access eBook | 9781786392053

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