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Developing Resources: Supporting Publishing Success

CABI's Author Education Resources have been curated by our team of publishing experts to provide a free to access set of educational tools, services, and resources to support researchers in agriculture and bioscience to better understand and navigate the evolving landscape of scientific publishing.

Supporting you through your publishing journey

We know how important it is to you as a researcher to ensure your research is published and cited by many, but it is a long journey with many questions, 'How do I write my paper for submission?', 'How do I create a suitable cover letter?', 'What if my paper is rejected by a journal?' and 'Which journal do I choose?'

Our Author Education Services can support you through all of this and more no matter which stage of publication you're at. Review our resources below.

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Getting to know CABI

CABI’s mission is to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. Find out more about our information resources, publications, and learning tools by linking below to:

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Write scholarly text

Writing a scholarly article for publication takes time, skill, deep knowledge of subject matter, and familiarity with the publishing process. To help you through your author journey we've assembled a set of materials specifically related to writing research papers for you here

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Submit for publication

After drafting your research into a manuscript, the next step is to prepare and submit it for publication We’ve compiled resources to guide you through this process - from selecting a journal to readying your materials - to optimize your changes for getting published.  Resources to empower your efforts are here


Review and revise text

Several outcomes are possible after you submit your manuscript. Perhaps you have to respond to comments after your work is reviewed. Maybe it is rejected by one journal and you need to submit to another. We've compiled guidance on what might happen and how to effectively handle the outcomes you may receive. Get advice here

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Publish and disseminate

Publishing helps to get new ideas out for discussion and debate, but how do you ensure your ideas are clearly communicated and widely disseminated to others? SciDev.Net is the world’s leading news service focussed on the impact of science. Their FREE ‘Script training’ supports researchers wanting to communicate science in an engaging and accurate way. You can find out more here 

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Secure funding

After you’ve published your most recent research what’s next?  Your scholarly text has been successful, but now you need to secure funding to take your research further. We've curated a series of materials to help support you in writing grant proposals that you can link to here

Author services

CABI's new Author Services is now available. Created to build capacity for researchers in agriculture and bioscience worldwide the service offers world-class English language editing, translation with editing, and research promotion services to authors submitting to agriRxiv or CABI Agriculture and Bioscience Journal.

Share your research with CABI's Open Access resources

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CABI Agriculture and Bioscience Journal

CABI's mission is to improve people's lives worldwide by providing information and applying expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.



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