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Welcome to the Apple Snail Portal. The apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata) is a freshwater snail native to parts of Argentina and Uruguay. The distribution of P. canaliculata has been steadily increasing since its introduction to Asia, primarily as a human food resource but perhaps also by the aquarium trade. Once introduced to an area, it spreads rapidly through bodies of water such as canals and rivers and during floods. It feeds on aquatic plants and can devastate rice, taro and other aquatic or semi-aquatic crops. It may outcompete native apple snails, prey on native fauna and alter natural ecosystem function. It is also an important vector of various parasites which can affect human health. 

This portal contains a selection of news, research, practical extension materials, videos and other resources on apple snail. Below is a sample of the resources available. To see the full list click the ‘see more’ links below, or use the site search above.

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Identification and management

P. canaliculata is a freshwater snail native to parts of Argentina and Uruguay. The distribution of P.canaliculata has been steadily increasing since its...

Management Factsheets
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Identification guides
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Latest research articles from CAB Abstracts

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Latest news

Publisher - East County Magazine 08:00 AM - 28 October, 2021 (Search term - golden apple snail invasive species)
Publisher - Daily Mail 08:00 AM - 07 October, 2021 (Search term - golden apple snail invasive species)



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