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Animal andrology: theories and applications.

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This book contains 19 chapters that discuss theoretical and applied andrology for domestic, zoo and wild animals. Topics include semen and its constituents; sperm production and harvest; determinants of sperm morphology; sperm preparation for fertilization; practical aspects of semen cryopreservation; evaluation of semen in the andrology laboratory; genetic aspects of male reproduction; emerging t...

Chapter 18 (Page no: 474)

Male animal contraception.

This chapter discusses the characteristics and need for male contraception and explore current contraceptive options, with emphasis on non-surgical techniques. Species-specific male contraception is also included.

Other chapters from this book

Chapter: 1 (Page no: 3) Semen and its constituents. Author(s): Setchell, B. P.
Chapter: 2 (Page no: 11) Sperm production and its harvest. Author(s): Berndtson, W. E.
Chapter: 3 (Page no: 34) Determinants of sperm morphology. Author(s): Kaya, A., Birler, S., Enwall, L., Memili, E.
Chapter: 4 (Page no: 57) Sperm preparation for fertilization. Author(s): Gadella, B. M.
Chapter: 5 (Page no: 76) Fundamental and practical aspects of semen cryopreservation. Author(s): Holt, W. V., Penfold, L. M.
Chapter: 6 (Page no: 100) Evaluation of semen in the andrology laboratory. Author(s): Lorton, S. P.
Chapter: 7 (Page no: 144) Genetic aspects of male reproduction. Author(s): Chenoweth, P. J., McPherson, F. J.
Chapter: 8 (Page no: 177) Applied small animal andrology. Author(s): Kustritz, M. V. R.
Chapter: 9 (Page no: 197) Applied andrology in chickens and turkeys. Author(s): Long, J. A.
Chapter: 10 (Page no: 226) Applied andrology in sheep, goats and selected cervids. Author(s): Sathe, S., Shipley, C. F.
Chapter: 11 (Page no: 254) Applied andrology in horses. Author(s): Ball, B. A.
Chapter: 12 (Page no: 297) Applied andrology in cattle (Bos taurus). Author(s): Brito, L. F. C.
Chapter: 13 (Page no: 352) Applied andrology in cattle (Bos indicus). Author(s): Chacón, J.
Chapter: 14 (Page no: 380) Applied andrology in water buffalo. Author(s): Andrabi, S. M. H.
Chapter: 15 (Page no: 404) Applied andrology in swine. Author(s): Althouse, G. C.
Chapter: 16 (Page no: 418) Applied andrology in camelids. Author(s): Tibary, A., Pearson, L. K., Anouassi, A.
Chapter: 17 (Page no: 450) Applied andrology in endangered, exotic and wildlife species. Author(s): Spindler, R., Keeley, T., Satake, N.
Chapter: 19 (Page no: 509) Semen evaluation and handling: emerging techniques and future development. Author(s): Rodriguez-Martinez, H.