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(white grubs)



Phyllophaga (white grubs)


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  • 29 March 2018
  • Datasheet Type(s)
  • Pest
  • Natural Enemy
  • Preferred Scientific Name
  • Phyllophaga
  • Preferred Common Name
  • white grubs
  • Taxonomic Tree
  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •   Kingdom: Metazoa
  •     Phylum: Arthropoda
  •       Subphylum: Uniramia
  •         Class: Insecta
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Stand loss in sorghum field due to 'white grub' infestation (P. crinita).
TitleCrop damage caused by P. crinita
CaptionStand loss in sorghum field due to 'white grub' infestation (P. crinita).
Stand loss in sorghum field due to 'white grub' infestation (P. crinita).
Crop damage caused by P. crinitaStand loss in sorghum field due to 'white grub' infestation (P. crinita). ICRISAT


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Preferred Scientific Name

  • Phyllophaga Harris, 1826

Preferred Common Name

  • white grubs

Other Scientific Names

  • Ancylonycha Dejean, 1833
  • Anomalochela Moser, 1913
  • Cnemarachis Saylor, 1942
  • Enarioidea Fairmaire, 1903
  • Endrosa Le Conte, 1856
  • Eugastra Le Conte, 1856
  • Gynnis Le Conte, 1856
  • Hippotrichia Arrow, 1948
  • Holotrichia Hope, 1837
  • Hoplochelus Blanchard, 1850
  • Lachnosterna Hope, 1837
  • Miridiba Reitter, 1902
  • Neodontocnema Arrow, 1948
  • Neolepidiota Blackburn, 1890
  • Stenothorax Harris, 1826
  • Triodonyx Saylor, 1942

International Common Names

  • English: chafer beetle; June beetle; root grubs
  • Spanish: gallina cieja; jaboto

EPPO code

  • PHYGSP (Phyllophaga sp.)

Taxonomic Tree

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  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •     Kingdom: Metazoa
  •         Phylum: Arthropoda
  •             Subphylum: Uniramia
  •                 Class: Insecta
  •                     Order: Coleoptera
  •                         Family: Scarabaeidae
  •                             Genus: Phyllophaga

Distribution Table

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The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

Continent/Country/RegionDistributionLast ReportedOriginFirst ReportedInvasiveReferenceNotes


BangladeshPresentBaksha, 1990
ChinaPresentGuo and Wen, 1988
IndiaPresentSharma, 1989
IndonesiaPresentIntari and Natawiria, 1973
JapanPresentYoshioka & Yamasaki, 1983
Korea, DPRWidespreadKim et al., 1986
Korea, Republic ofPresentKim et al., 1986
PhilippinesPresentApsotol & Litsinger, 1976
Sri LankaRestricted distributionFernando, 1971


South AfricaPresentCarnegie, 1988
SudanPresentPollard, 1956

North America

CanadaPresentSutton and Stone, 1974
MexicoPresentRodriguez del Bosque et al., 1995; Morón, 2003

Central America and Caribbean

CaribbeanPresentSantoro, 1960; Gruner, 1975
Costa RicaPresentKing, 1984; Rodri et al., 1993
CubaPresentSmith and Paulsen, 2015
El SalvadorPresentMorón, 1988
GuatemalaPresentMorón, 2003
HondurasPresentTrabanino et al., 1989; Vásquez, 2003
NicaraguaPresentArguello et al., 1999a; Arguello et al., 1999b
PanamaPresentMorón, 2003

South America

EcuadorPresentMorón, 2003


AustraliaPresentWilson, 1969
New ZealandPresentFarrell and Wightman, 1972

Growth Stages

Top of page Flowering stage, Fruiting stage, Vegetative growing stage

List of Symptoms/Signs

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SignLife StagesType
Fruit / external feeding
Inflorescence / external feeding
Leaves / external feeding
Roots / external feeding

Natural enemies

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Natural enemyTypeLife stagesSpecificityReferencesBiological control inBiological control on
Bacillus thuringiensis Pathogen Larvae
Beauveria bassiana Pathogen Larvae
Beauveria brongniartii Pathogen Adults/Eggs/Larvae/Pupae
Caloglyphus Parasite Adults
Carabidae Predator Eggs/Larvae
Fusarium oxysporum Pathogen Larvae
Heterorhabditis Parasite Larvae
Heterorhabditis indicus Parasite Larvae
Lecanicillium lecanii Pathogen
Metarhizium anisopliae Pathogen
Oecophylla smaragdina Predator Adults
Paecilomyces farinosus Pathogen Larvae
Paenibacillus popilliae Pathogen Larvae
Steinernema carpocapsae Parasite Larvae
Steinernema glaseri Parasite Larvae


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