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Abies concolor
(Rocky Mountain white fir)



Abies concolor (Rocky Mountain white fir)


  • Last modified
  • 22 November 2019
  • Datasheet Type(s)
  • Host Plant
  • Preferred Scientific Name
  • Abies concolor
  • Preferred Common Name
  • Rocky Mountain white fir
  • Taxonomic Tree
  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •   Kingdom: Plantae
  •     Phylum: Spermatophyta
  •       Subphylum: Gymnospermae
  •         Class: Pinopsida
  • Uses List
  • Agroforestry
  • Fibre
  • Ornamental
  • Religious
  • Wood/timber
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Preferred Scientific Name

  • Abies concolor (Gordon & Glend.) Lindl. ex F. H. Hild.

Preferred Common Name

  • Rocky Mountain white fir


  • Abies concolor var. lowiana (Gordon) Lemmon

Other Scientific Names

  • Abies lowiana (Gordon) A. Murray bis
  • Picea concolor Gordon

International Common Names

  • English: black balsam fir; California white fir; Colorado fir; white fir
  • French: Sapin blanc du Colorado

Local Common Names

  • Germany: Colorado- Tanne; Grau- Tanne
  • Italy: Abete concolore
  • Netherlands: colorado zilverspar
  • Sweden: kalifornisk ädelgran
  • UK: Colorado white balsam; Colorado white fir; silver fir; white balsam

EPPO code

  • ABICO (Abies concolor)

Taxonomic Tree

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  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •     Kingdom: Plantae
  •         Phylum: Spermatophyta
  •             Subphylum: Gymnospermae
  •                 Class: Pinopsida
  •                     Family: Pinaceae
  •                         Genus: Abies
  •                             Species: Abies concolor

List of Pests

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Major host of:

Arceuthobium abietinum (fir dwarf mistletoe); Arceuthobium abietinum f.sp. concoloris; Armillaria ostoyae (armillaria root rot); Choristoneura freemani (western spruce budworm); Echinodontium tinctorium (Indian paint fungus); Epinotia meritana (white fir needleminer (USA)); Fomitopsis pinicola (brown crumbly rot); Heterobasidion annosum; Lambdina fiscellaria (eastern hemlock looper); Macrophomina phaseolina (charcoal rot of bean/tobacco); Megastigmus pinus (fir seed chalcid); Megastigmus rafni (fir seed chalcid); Melanophila drummondi (flatheaded fir borer); Monochamus obtusus (obtuse sawyer); Neonectria fuckeliana (flute canker of radiata pine); Orgyia pseudotsugata (douglas-fir tussock moth); Phellinus pini (brown rot of conifers); Phellinus weirii (laminated root rot); Pholiota limnonella (yellow cap fungus); Phoradendron bolleanum subsp. pauciflorum; Phytophthora cryptogea (tomato foot rot); Scolytus ventralis (fir engraver); Sirococcus conigenus (sirococcus blight of conifers); Tetropium abietis (round-headed fir borer)

Minor host of:

Acleris gloverana (western blackheaded budworm); Armillaria mellea (armillaria root rot); Choristoneura fumiferana (spruce budworm); Choristoneura lambertiana (sugar pine tortrix); Diplodia seriata (grapevine trunk disease); Dryocoetes confusus (western balsam bark beetle); Heterobasidion annosum sensu lato (Heterobasidion root rot); Heterobasidion parviporum; Leptoglossus occidentalis (western conifer-seed bug); Megastigmus milleri (fir seed chalcid); Megastigmus specularis (fir seed chalcid); Megastigmus suspectus (fir seed chalcid); Mycosphaerella pini (Dothistroma blight); Neonectria neomacrospora; Otiorhynchus singularis (clay coloured weevil); Rhizobium radiobacter (crown gall); Rhizobium rhizogenes (gall); Sphaeropsis sapinea (Sphaeropsis blight); Valsa abietis (fir canker)

Host of (source - data mining):

Asynapta hopkinsi (cone resin midge); Cinara occidentalis; Cydia bracteatana (fir seed moth); Dasineura abiesemia; Dioryctria abietivorella (fir coneworm); Earomyia abietum (fir seed maggot); Eucosma siskiyouana (fir cone borer); Mindarus abietinus (balsam twig aphid); Neodiprion abietis (balsam fir sawfly); Phacidium infestans (snow mould); Phytophthora citricola (black hop root rot); Resseliella conicola; Strobilomyia abietis

Uses List

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Drugs, stimulants, social uses

  • Religious


  • Agroforestry


  • Ornamental


  • Fibre
  • Wood/timber

Wood Products

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  • Boxes


  • Short-fibre pulp


  • Building poles

Sawn or hewn building timbers

  • Beams
  • Carpentry/joinery (exterior/interior)
  • For heavy construction
  • For light construction

Wood-based materials

  • Plywood