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Chrysoperla carnea
(aphid lion)



Chrysoperla carnea (aphid lion)


  • Last modified
  • 22 November 2019
  • Datasheet Type(s)
  • Natural Enemy
  • Preferred Scientific Name
  • Chrysoperla carnea
  • Preferred Common Name
  • aphid lion
  • Taxonomic Tree
  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •   Kingdom: Metazoa
  •     Phylum: Arthropoda
  •       Subphylum: Uniramia
  •         Class: Insecta
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Preferred Scientific Name

  • Chrysoperla carnea Stephens

Preferred Common Name

  • aphid lion

Other Scientific Names

  • Anisochrysa carnea
  • Anysochrysa carnea
  • Chrysopa carnea Stephens
  • Chrysopa nipponensis
  • Chrysopa vulgaris Schneider
  • Chrysoperla nipponensis
  • Chrysoperla vulgaris (Schneider)

International Common Names

  • English: common green lacewing; lacewing, common (usa); lacewing, green
  • French: lion des pucerons

Local Common Names

  • Norway: vanlig gulloye

EPPO code

  • CHROCR (Chrysoperla carnea)
  • CHROVU (Chrysopa vulgaris)

Taxonomic Tree

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  • Domain: Eukaryota
  •     Kingdom: Metazoa
  •         Phylum: Arthropoda
  •             Subphylum: Uniramia
  •                 Class: Insecta
  •                     Order: Neuroptera
  •                         Family: Chrysopidae
  •                             Genus: Chrysoperla
  •                                 Species: Chrysoperla carnea

Distribution Table

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The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2020
Continent/Country/Region Distribution Last Reported Origin First Reported Invasive Reference Notes


EgyptPresentCABI (Undated)
LibyaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
MoroccoPresentGreathead and Greathead (1992)


AzerbaijanPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
ChinaPresentCABI (Undated)
-HebeiPresentCABI (Undated)
-HunanPresentCABI (Undated)
-LiaoningPresentCABI (Undated)
-ShandongPresentCABI (Undated)
-ShanxiPresentCABI (Undated)
GeorgiaPresentCABI (Undated)
IndiaPresentGreathead (Undated)
-Andhra PradeshPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-DelhiPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-GujaratPresentCABI (Undated)
-MaharashtraPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-ManipurPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-PunjabPresentCABI (Undated)
-Tamil NaduPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
IranPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
IraqPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
IsraelPresentCABI (Undated)
JapanPresentCABI (Undated)
KazakhstanPresentCABI (Undated)
KyrgyzstanPresentCABI (Undated)
LebanonPresentCABI (Undated)
PakistanPresentGreathead (Undated)
SyriaPresentGreathead and Greathead (1992)
TaiwanPresentCABI (Undated)
TajikistanPresentCABI (Undated)
TurkeyPresentGreathead (Undated)
United Arab EmiratesPresentCABI (Undated)
UzbekistanPresentGreathead (Undated)


AustriaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
BelgiumPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
BulgariaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
CyprusPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
CzechoslovakiaPresentCABI (Undated)
Federal Republic of YugoslaviaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsPresentGreathead (Undated)
FinlandPresentCABI (Undated)
FrancePresentCABI (Undated)
GermanyPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
GreecePresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-CretePresentCABI (Undated)
HungaryPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
ItalyPresentCABI (Undated)
LithuaniaPresentCABI (Undated)
MoldovaPresentCABI (Undated)
NetherlandsPresentCABI (Undated)
PolandPresentCABI (Undated)
PortugalPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
RomaniaPresentCABI (Undated)
RussiaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
SerbiaPresentCABI (Undated)
Serbia and MontenegroPresentCABI (Undated)
SpainPresentCABI (Undated)
SwitzerlandPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
UkrainePresentGreathead (Undated)
United KingdomPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated);

North America

CanadaPresentCABI (Undated)
-ManitobaPresentCABI (Undated)
-OntarioPresentCABI (Undated)
-SaskatchewanPresentCABI (Undated)
MexicoPresentGreathead (Undated)
United StatesPresentCABI (Undated)
-ArizonaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-CaliforniaPresentCABI (Undated)
-GeorgiaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-IndianaPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-IowaPresentCABI (Undated)
-KansasPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-MichiganPresentCABI (Undated)
-MississippiPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-MissouriPresentCABI (Undated)
-OregonPresentCABI Data Mining (Undated)
-TexasPresentCABI (Undated)
-UtahPresentCABI (Undated)
-WashingtonPresentCABI (Undated)


New ZealandPresentCABI (Undated)

South America

ChilePresentCABI (Undated)

Natural enemy of

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SpeciesStages attackedCountries where known to occurReferences
Acaphylla theae
Aculus schlechtendaliAdults/Nymphs
Acyrthosiphon kondoiAdults/Nymphs
Acyrthosiphon pisumAdults/Adults/Nymphs/Nymphs
Aeolothrips intermedius
Agrotis ipsilon
Aleurolobus barodensisAdults/Nymphs
Amrasca biguttula biguttulaAdults/Nymphs
Anapulvinaria pistaciae
Aphis craccivoraAdults/Nymphs
Aphis fabaeAdults/Nymphs
Aphis gossypiiAdults/Nymphs
Aphis pomiAdults/Nymphs
Aphis punicaeAdults/Nymphs
Aphis spiraecolaAdults/Nymphs
Aproaerema modicella
Bagrada hilaris
Bemisia tabaciAdults/Nymphs
Bemisia tabaci (MEAM1)
Bemisia tabaci (MED)
Brevicoryne brassicaeAdults/Nymphs
Cacopsylla notataAdults/Nymphs
Cacopsylla pyriAdults/Nymphs
Cacopsylla pyricolaAdults/Nymphs
Cacopsylla pyrisugaAdults/Nymphs
Cameraria ohridellaLarvae
Chilo partellus
Chrysomela populi
Chrysomela tremula
Cinara pilicornisAdults/Nymphs
Cnephasia pumicana
Coccinella septempunctata
Corcyra cephalonica
Corythucha ciliataAdults/Nymphs
Cryptomyzus ribis
Diuraphis noxiaAdults/Nymphs
Drosophila melanogaster
Dysaphis devectaAdults/Nymphs
Dysaphis plantagineaAdults/Adults/Nymphs/Nymphs
Dysaphis pyriAdults/Nymphs
Empoasca decipiens
Empoasca kerri
Empoasca vitisAdults/Nymphs
Ephestia kuehniella
Eriosoma lanigerumAdults/Nymphs
Euphyllura olivinaAdults/Nymphs
Eupoecilia ambiguella
Eurygaster integricepsAdults/Nymphs
Eutectona machaeralisLarvaeRoychoudhury and Subhash, 2012
Ferrisia virgataAdults/Nymphs
Galleria mellonella
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata
Gynaikothrips ficorum
Helicoverpa armigera
Helicoverpa zea
Heliothis virescens
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalisAdults/Larvae
Heteropsylla cubanaAdults/Nymphs
Hyadaphis coriandri
Hyblaea pueraLarvaeRoychoudhury and Subhash, 2012
Icerya aegyptiacaAdults/Nymphs
Illinoia liriodendriAdults/Nymphs
Leptinotarsa decemlineata
Lipaphis erysimiAdults/Nymphs
Lobesia botranaEggs/Larvae
Lygus hesperusAdults/Nymphs
Macrosiphum albifronsAdults/Nymphs
Macrosiphum euphorbiaeAdults/Nymphs
Macrosiphum rosaeAdults/Nymphs
Mamestra brassicae
Mamestra configurata
Metopolophium dirhodumAdults/Nymphs
Mycetaspis personata
Myzus obtusirostrisAdults/Nymphs
Myzus persicaeAdults/Nymphs
Ostrinia nubilalis
Oxycarenus hyalinipennisAdults/Nymphs
Panonychus citriAdults/Nymphs
Panonychus ulmiAdults/Nymphs
Parabemisia myricae
Parlatoria blanchardiAdults/Nymphs
Pectinophora gossypiella
Pentalonia nigronervosaAdults/Nymphs
Petrobia latensAdults/Nymphs
Phloeomyzus passeriniiAdults/Larvae
Phorodon humuli
Phthorimaea operculella
Phyllotreta cruciferae
Phylloxera quercusAdults/Nymphs
Pieris brassicaeEggs
Planococcus citriAdults/Nymphs
Plodia interpunctella
Plutella xylostella
Prays oleaeEggs/Larvae/Pupae
Pseudococcus maritimusAdults/Nymphs
Rhopalosiphum maidisAdults/Nymphs
Rhopalosiphum padiAdults/Nymphs
Saissetia oleaeAdults/Nymphs
Schizaphis graminumAdults/Eggs/Larvae/Nymphs/Pupae
Scirtothrips perseaeAdults/Larvae
Sipha maydisAdults/Nymphs
Siphoninus phillyreaeAbd-Rabou and Simmons, 2014
Sitobion avenaeAdults/Nymphs
Sitobion fragariaeAdults/Nymphs
Sitotroga cerealella
Spodoptera exigua
Spodoptera littoralis
Tetranychus cinnabarinus
Tetranychus urticaeAdults/Nymphs
Thrips angusticepsAdults/Larvae
Thrips tabaci
Tortrix viridanaEggs
Toxoptera aurantiiAdults/Nymphs
Trialeurodes vaporariorumAdults/Adults/Nymphs/Nymphs
Trichogramma telengaiAdults
Trichoplusia ni
Uroleucon cichoriiAdults/Nymphs
Zygina rhamniAdults/Nymphs
Zyginidia pullulaAdults/Nymphs

Distribution References

CABI Data Mining, Undated. CAB Abstracts Data Mining.,

CABI, Undated. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor. Wallingford, UK: CABI

Greathead D J, Greathead A H, 1992. Biological control of insect pests by insect parasitoids and predators: the BIOCAT database. Biocontrol News and Information. 13 (4), 61N-68N.

Greathead DJ, Undated. BIOCAT Database (unpublished)., Wallingford, UK: CAB International.

Distribution Maps

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