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Fisheries (pathway cause)



Fisheries (pathway cause)


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  • Fisheries (pathway cause)
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Preferred Scientific Name

  • Fisheries (pathway cause)

Species Transported by Cause

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SpeciesNotesLong DistanceLocalReferences
Acentrogobius pflaumii Yes Yes NIMPIS, 2002
Alburnus alburnus (bleak)Recreational fishing Yes Welcomme, 1988
Alosa aestivalis (blueback herring) Yes Guest and Drenner, 1991; USGS, 2015
Ambloplites rupestris (rock bass) Yes Yes
Ameiurus melas (black bullhead) Yes Yes
Ameiurus natalis Yes Welcomme, 1988
Ameiurus nebulosus (brown bullhead) Yes
Aphanomyces astaci Yes Oidtmann et al., 2005
Aspius aspius (asp) Yes Yes
Carassius carassius (crucian carp) Yes
Carassius cuvieri (Japanese crucian carp)Deliberate Yes Yes Jang et al., 2002
Carassius gibelio (Prussian carp) Yes Yes
Caulerpa taxifolia (killer algae) Yes Yes Relini et al., 2000
Ceratophyllum demersum (coontail) Yes
Channa argus argus (northern snakehead) Yes Yes Courtenay and Williams, 2004
Channa marulius (bullseye snakehead) Yes Yes Courtenay and Williams, 2004; Froese and Pauly, 2009
Channa micropeltes (giant snakehead)Wild fishing and/or cultured in cages Yes Yes Pantulu, 1976; Wee, 1982; Lee and Ng, 1991; Dudley, 2000; Courtenay and Williams, 2004
Cherax destructor (yabby) Yes Yes Horwitz, 1990; Lynas et al., 2007
Cherax quadricarinatus (redclaw crayfish) Yes Yes Lynas et al., 2007
Clarias batrachus (walking catfish) Yes
Corbicula fluminea (Asian clam)Commercial fishing gear Yes Karatayev et al., 2007
Crassostrea virginica (eastern oyster) Yes Yes
Crepidula fornicata (American slipper limpet)Dredging and trawling are a main cause of dispersion in western English Channel Yes
Cromileptes altivelis (humpback grouper)Mainly in South-East Asian countries Yes Yes NIMPIS, 2002; Sadovy et al., 2007
Cyprinus carpio (common carp) Yes Yes Roberts and Ebner, 1997
Daphnia lumholtziHypothesized to have travelled to North America via shipment(s) of Nile Perch from Lake Victoria Yes Havel and Hebert, 1993
Didymosphenia geminata (didymo)potential form of introduction Yes Yes
Dreissena rostriformis bugensis (quagga mussel)Fishing gear transported overland is one of the primary vectors for D. r. bugensis introductions Yes Yes Orlova et al., 2005; NIMPIS, 2002
Elodea canadensis (Canadian pondweed) Yes NIMPIS, 2002; NIMPIS, 2002
Esox lucius (pike)See distribution table and list Yes Yes
Faxonius limosus (Spiny-cheek crayfish) Yes Holdich et al., 2006
Faxonius rusticus (rusty crayfish)For commercial harvest Yes Wilson et al., 2004
Halophila stipulacea (halophila seagrass)Anecdotal and documented observations of H. stipulacea in fishing nets and traps that are transported to new locations (e.g. Caribbean and Mediterranean seas) Yes Yes Ruiz and Ballantine, 2004; Willette et al., 2014
Hemibarbus labeo (barbel steed) Yes Kottelat, 2000
Hemigrapsus takanoi (brush-clawed shore crab)Introduction to parts of French and Dutch coasts may be due to oyster transportation Yes Dauvin and Delhay, 2011; Faasse et al., 2002; Nijland, 2000; Noel, 2011
Heterotis niloticus (African bonytongue)Deliberate Yes Yes NIMPIS, 2002
Lates niloticus (Nile perch) Yes Yes Pringle, 2005
Lemna aequinoctialis (lesser duckweed)Introduced as fish food Yes Yes Hicks, 1937
Lemna perpusilla (duckweed) Yes Yes Hassan and Edwards, 1992
Lepomis gibbosus (pumpkinseed) Yes Yes Copp and Fox, 2007
Lepomis gulosus (warmouth)See distribution table and list Yes Yes
Lepomis macrochirus (bluegill) Yes
Lepomis microlophus (redear sunfish)Species spread has been due to intentional stocking for sport fishing in western and northern united Yes Yes Fuller et al., 2014
Leuciscus leuciscus (common dace) Yes
Littorina littorea (common periwinkle)Accidently introduced with oysters Yes Carlton, 2007
Lucania parva (rainwater killifish)Accidental stocking along with sportfishes Yes Hubbs and Miller, 1965
Lutjanus kasmira (blueline snapper)From Marquesas and Mo'orea to Hawaii Yes Schumacher and Parrish, 2005
Micropterus dolomieu (smallmouth bass) Yes Yes
Micropterus salmoides (largemouth bass) Yes
Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (oriental weatherloach) Yes Yes
Morone americana (white perch) Yes Zuerlein, 1981
Myriophyllum spicatum (spiked watermilfoil) Yes Yes
Myxobolus cerebralis (whirling disease agent) Yes Yes Bartholomew and Reno, 2002
Nymphoides peltata (yellow floating-heart) Yes Stuckey, 1973
Odontesthes bonariensis (pejerrey)Important fish in fish culture Yes Reartes, 1995
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (chinook salmon)Used for supplementation in rivers in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Chile Yes Yes
Oreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia)Widespread intentaion introduction Yes Yes Canonico et al., 2005
Osmerus eperlanusIntroduced to many lakes but established in only a few. Yes
Palaemon elegans (rock shrimp)Accidental introduction with mullet Yes Zentkevich, 1963
Palaemon macrodactylus (oriental shrimp)Possible but not proven Yes
Pelophylax cf. bedriagaeProbably with fish spawn Yes Yes
Pimephales vigilax (bullhead minnow)Accidental stocking along with sportfishes; accidental and deliberate bait releases Yes Yes Cross and Haslouer, 1984; Hubbs et al., 1977; Sigler and Miller, 1963
Pomoxis annularis (white crappie)Intentionally introduced Yes Welcomme, 1988
Pomoxis nigromaculatus (black crappie) Yes Welcomme, 1988
Potamogeton crispus (curlyleaf pondweed) Yes Yes Stuckey, 1979
Procambarus acutus acutus Yes Yes Taylor et al., 2007
Protopterus aethiopicus aethiopicus (marbled lungfish)A one off incidental release to Lake Baringo, Kenya. Also, introduced in Lake Mohasi, Upper Akage Yes Mlewa and Green, 2006; Vos et al., 2001
Pseudorasbora parva (topmouth gudgeon) Yes Yes Copp et al., 2005a; Copp et al., 2005b
Rapana venosa (veined rapana whelk) Yes ICES, 2004
Ruditapes philippinarum (Japanese carpet shell)Normally to supplement existing bivalve fisheries Yes FAO, 2009
Rutilus rutilus (roach) Yes Welcomme, 1988
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) Yes Yes Froese and Pauly, 2009
Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) Yes Yes
Sander lucioperca (pike-perch) Yes Yes
Sander vitreus (walleye)See distribution table and list Yes Yes
Sciaenops ocellatus (red drum)USA Yes
Silurus asotus (Amur catfish) Yes Yes Manchin and Dgebuadze, 2010
Silurus glanis (wels catfish) Yes Yes Copp et al., 2009
Spartina densifloraPossible spread via human aided transport of Oyster spat in Washington, USA Yes California Invasive Plant Council, 2016
Squalius cephalus (European chub) Yes
Trichopodus trichopterus (three spot gourami)Used as a food fish in parts of Asia Yes Yes Westenberg, 1981; Froese and Pauly, 2014
Tridentiger trigonocephalus (chameleon goby) Yes Yes NIMPIS, 2014
Utricularia gibba Yes Wells and Champion, 2010