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Channel Islands



Channel Islands


  • Last modified
  • 09 February 2017
  • Channel Islands
  • General data
  • Region: Western Europe
  • Climates: Temperate
  • Selected Statistics, World Bank (2007)
  • Population, total: 149,207
  • GNI per capita, Atlas method: US$68,640
  • GNI, Atlas method: US$10,241,127,424
  • GDP: US$11,514,605,568

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List of Species

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The table lists the species recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full species datasheets). It includes species that are invasive in this region, those for which there is no data on invasive status, and also species that are not invasive in the region but are reported as invasive elsewhere. This summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the distribution record. For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

BacteriaActinobacteria [phylum]Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (bacterial canker of tomato) Absent, formerly present CABI/EPPO, 2009.
BacteriaProteobacteriaDickeya solani (black leg disease of potato) Present CABI/EPPO, 2015.
BacteriaProteobacteriaErwinia amylovora (fireblight) Eradicated EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora infestans (Phytophthora blight) Present Deahl et al., 2009.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora ramorum (sudden oak death (SOD)) Present, few occurrences CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaColletotrichum acutatum (black spot of strawberry) Present EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2010.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaHymenoscyphus fraxineus (ash dieback) Present, few occurrences CABI/EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaMonilinia fructigena (brown rot) Present CABI/EPPO, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaOphiostoma ulmi (Dutch elm disease) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaAnnelidaLumbricus terrestris Present Introduced YesGates, 1972.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAculops fuchsiae (Fuchsia gall mite) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAculops lycopersici (tomato russet mite) Present Evans et al., 1961; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAnoplophora chinensis (black and white citrus longhorn) Absent, intercepted only CABI/EPPO, 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (tobacco whitefly) Eradicated EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCacoecimorpha pronubana (carnation tortrix) Present EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaColeophora deauratella (red clover casebearer) Present Fauna Europaea, 2018.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCryptococcus fagisuga (beech coccus) Present CIE, 1979; Miller and Gimpel, 2000.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDendroctonus micans (great spruce bark beetle) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEriosoma lanigerum (woolly aphid) Present CIE, 1975.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEulachnus rileyi (pine needle aphid) Present NHM, 1955.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaFrankliniella occidentalis (western flower thrips) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGilpinia hercyniae (spruce sawfly) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHelicoverpa armigera (cotton bollworm) Absent, formerly present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHeliothrips haemorrhoidalis (black tea thrips) Present CIE, 1961.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHemiberlesia lataniae (latania scale) Introduced, not established NHM, undated glasshouse specimen
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLeptinotarsa decemlineata (Colorado potato beetle) Eradicated EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLymantria dispar (gypsy moth) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMacrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid) Present Introduced NoBlackman and Eastop, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMeligethes aeneus (rape beetle) Present CABI/EPPO, 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMyzus cerasi (black cherry aphid) Present NHM.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNoctua pronuba (common yellow underwing moth) Widespread Heath and Emmet, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPalaemon elegans (rock shrimp) Present Native Nod'Udekem d'Acoz, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParthenolecanium persicae (peach scale) Present Green, 1925a; CIE, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPhthorimaea operculella (potato tuber moth) Absent, reported but not confirmed CABI/EPPO, 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPieris brassicae (large cabbage white) Present Higgins, 1983; Maitland-Emmet et al., 1989; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPieris rapae (cabbage white butterfly) Present CIE, 1952.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPissodes castaneus (small banded pine weevil) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudococcus viburni (obscure mealybug) Present Introduced Williams, 1962; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaThaumetopoea processionea (oak processionary moth) Present Waring et al., 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTrialeurodes vaporariorum (whitefly, greenhouse) Present Byrne et al., 1990.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTuta absoluta (tomato leafminer) Present CABI/EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVespa velutina (Asian hornet) Present, few occurrences Introduced States of Guersney Government, 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVespula germanica (German wasp) Widespread Native NoIngs and Roberts, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAnser indicus (bar-headed goose) Present, few occurrences Introduced NoAustin et al., 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBranta canadensis (Canada goose) Present Introduced Lack, 1986.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPetromyzon marinus (sea lamprey) Present Native Vladykov, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSalmo salar (Atlantic salmon) Present Native Svetovidov, 1984; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTyto alba (Barn owl) Present Native NoBruce, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCornu aspersum (common garden snail) Kerney and Cameron, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCrassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster) Present Introduced Goulletquer and Héral, 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCrepidula fornicata (American slipper limpet) Widespread Introduced YesBlanchard, 1995; Blanchard, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaDeroceras laeve (meadow slug) Present Native NoFauna Europea, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaDeroceras reticulatum (grey field slug) Present Kerney et al., 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaLimax maximus (leopard slug) Widespread Native NoDuprey, 1876; Chatfield, 1975.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaLittorina littorea (common periwinkle) Present Native NoReid, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaTheba pisana (white garden snail) Localised Taylor, 1906-1914; Barrett, 1972; Barrett, 1975; Cowie, 1982; Bank, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaDitylenchus destructor (potato tuber nematode) Present CABI/EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaGlobodera pallida (white potato cyst nematode) Present Introduced CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaGlobodera rostochiensis (yellow potato cyst nematode) Present Introduced YesCABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaXiphinema diversicaudatum (dagger nematode) Indigenous, localized Brown and Taylor, 1987.
EukaryotaMetazoaPlatyhelminthesObama nungara Present Introduced Carbayo et al., 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaePhaeophytaSargassum muticum (wire weed) Localised Introduced YesCritchley and Morrell, 1982.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaPteridium aquilinum (bracken) Widespread Native Tutin and et al, 1964.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaGrateloupia turuturu Localised Introduced YesFarnham, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcer platanoides (Norway maple) Present Introduced
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcer pseudoplatanus (sycamore) Present Introduced Binggeli , 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgave americana (century plant) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmelanchier lamarckii (snowy mespilus) Present Introduced Kurtto, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBrachypodium sylvaticum (slender false brome) Present Native NoEuro+Med Plantbase, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBriza maxima (large quaking grass) Present Introduced Biological Records Centre, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCarpobrotus edulis (hottentot fig) Present Introduced Preston and Sell, 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConvolvulus arvensis (bindweed) Present Stace, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCotoneaster horizontalis (wall-spray) Present Introduced BSBI, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrassula helmsii (Australian swamp stonecrop) Present EPPO, 2014; Stace et al., 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrocosmia x crocosmiiflora (montbretia) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCytisus scoparius (Scotch broom) Present Native NoHeywood and Ball, 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria ciliaris (southern crabgrass) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchinochloa crus-galli (barnyard grass) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchium plantagineum (Paterson's curse) Widespread Native NoClapham et al., 1962.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElodea nuttallii (Nuttall's waterweed) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEpilobium ciliatum (northern willowherb) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaErigeron karvinskianus (Karwinsky’s fleabane) Present Introduced YesMeusel and Jäger, 1992; Taylor et al., 2001; Bonnard, 2011; DAISIE, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuonymus japonicus (Japanese spindle tree) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFallopia convolvulus (black bindweed) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFallopia japonica (Japanese knotweed) Present Introduced Jalas and Suominen, 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFallopia x bohemica Present YesBailey et al., 1996; Preston et al., 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus carica (common fig) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFoeniculum vulgare (fennel) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFragaria vesca (wild strawberry) Present Native Darrow, 1966.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGalinsoga quadriradiata (shaggy soldier) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedera helix (ivy) Widespread Native Tutin et al., 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHelianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke) Widespread Introduced Stace, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHelminthotheca echioides (bristly oxtongue) Present Native NoGreuter, 2006; DAISIE, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHyoscyamus niger (black henbane) Present USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLagarosiphon major (African elodea) Present Introduced Australia Natural Heritage Trust, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLemna minuta Present Introduced DAISIE, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLepidium perfoliatum (clasping pepperweed) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMahonia aquifolium (Oregongrape) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMalva pusilla (round-leaved mallow) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelilotus officinalis (yellow sweet clover) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMoorochloa eruciformis (sweet signal grass) Present Introduced Stace, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMyriophyllum spicatum (spiked watermilfoil) Present Native Fitter, 1978.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPoa compressa (Canada bluegrass) Present Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRicinus communis (castor bean) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex obtusifolius (broad-leaved dock) Present Native Rechinger and Akeroyd, 1993.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSagittaria latifolia (broadleaf arrowhead) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSalix fragilis (crack willow) Present Native
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSambucus nigra (elder) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio jacobaea (common ragwort) Widespread Native McClintock, 1975; Le Sueur, 1984.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio vulgaris Widespread Native McClintock, 1975; Le Sueur, 1984.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus asper (spiny sow-thistle) Present Introduced GISD, 2018.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus oleraceus (common sowthistle) Present Boulos, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpergula arvensis (corn spurry) Present Ratter and Akeroyd, 1993.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachys arvensis (staggerweed) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSymphyotrichum novi-belgii (New York aster) Present Introduced DAISIE, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTanacetum vulgare (tansy) Widespread Native NoHeywood, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTetragonia tetragonioides (New Zealand spinach) Localised Introduced Halvorson, 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThlaspi arvense (field pennycress) Present Clapham, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrtica dioica (stinging nettle) Widespread Native Euro+Med, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeStreptophytaCampylopus introflexus Present Introduced Hill et al., 1992.
VirusPepino mosaic virus Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.

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