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Czechoslovakia (former)


  • Last modified
  • 09 February 2017
  • Czechoslovakia (former)
  • General data
  • Region: Central Europe
  • Area (km2): 127,870
  • Climates: Temperate

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List of Species

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The table lists the species recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full species datasheets). It includes species that are invasive in this region, those for which there is no data on invasive status, and also species that are not invasive in the region but are reported as invasive elsewhere. This summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the distribution record. For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

BacteriaProteobacteriaErwinia amylovora (fireblight) Present Introduced YesKudela, 1988; Kudela et al., 1992.
BacteriaProteobacteriaPseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi (oleander knot) Absent, intercepted only YesBradbury, 1986.
BacteriaProteobacteriaXanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli (bean blight) Present Bradbury, 1986; CABI/EPPO, 2007.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora infestans (Phytophthora blight) Present CMI, 1982.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPlasmopara viticola (grapevine downy mildew) Present CMI, 1988.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaBlumeria graminis (powdery mildew of grasses and cereals) Present
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaDidymella fabae (leaf and pod spot) Present Introduced YesPunithalingam, 1993; UK CAB International, 1993.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaLachnellula willkommii (European larch canker) Widespread EPPO, 2014; UK CAB International, 1989; BPI, US National Fungus Collections.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaMonilinia fructigena (brown rot) Widespread CABI/EPPO, 2000.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaOphiostoma novo-ulmi (Dutch elm disease) Present Introduced YesBrasier and Kirk, 2001.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaOphiostoma ulmi (Dutch elm disease) Widespread Introduced YesStipes et al., 1981; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaAmylostereum areolatum Present Native UK CAB International, 2009.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaCronartium ribicola (white pine blister rust) Restricted distribution Tubeuf, 1936; IMI Herbarium, unda.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaHeterobasidion annosum Present
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaHeterobasidion annosum sensu lato (Heterobasidion root rot) Widespread CMI, 1980; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaPuccinia graminis (stem rust of cereals) Widespread Sebasta & Zwatz, 1980; Urban, 1969; Rezac and Zacha, 1974.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaUrocystis agropyri (flag smut of wheat) Present IMI, 1991; Zundel, 1953; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaAnnelidaLumbricus rubellus Present Introduced Gates, 1972.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAcarapis woodi (honeybee mite) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAcrolepiopsis assectella (leek moth) Widespread Smolak, 1925; Gaedike, 1980.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAdelges piceae (balsam woolly adelgid) Widespread Native NoPasek, 1954; CABI/EPPO, 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAgrotis ipsilon (black cutworm) Present Spitzer, 1970; CIE, 1969.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis craccivora (groundnut aphid) Present CIE, 1983.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis gossypii (cotton aphid) Present UK CAB International, 1968.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBlattella germanica (German cockroach) Present Introduced Stejskal and Verner, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBombus terrestris (bumble bee) Present Native Rasmont et al., 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBruchophagus roddi (alfalfa seed chalcid) Widespread Kral'ovic, 1971; CIE, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCeutorhynchus obstrictus (cabbage seed pod weevil) Present Horsakova, 1985.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChrysomphalus dictyospermi (dictyospermum scale) Present Danzig and Pellizzari, 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCryptococcus fagisuga (beech coccus) Present CIE, 1979; Kosztarab and Kozar, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDendrolimus pini (pine-tree lappet) Unconfirmed record
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDiprion similis (white pine sawfly) Restricted distribution Native NoJamnicky, 1963; Simandl, 1989; Liston, 1995.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDreyfusia nordmannianae (silver fir adelges) Present Introduced Hochmut, 1964.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaElatobium abietinum (green spruce aphid) Present Native NoKloft et al., 1964.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEriocheir sinensis (Chinese mitten crab) Present Introduced Zhao and et al. , 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEriosoma lanigerum (woolly aphid) Restricted distribution CIE, 1975.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaForficula auricularia (European earwig) Present Commonwealth Institute of Entomology, 1957.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGilpinia hercyniae (spruce sawfly) Widespread Native NoReeks, 1941; Kristek, 1973; Benes, 1975; Benes and Kristek, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGynaikothrips ficorum (Cuban laurel thrips) Present Pelikan, 1991.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGypsonoma aceriana (poplar twig borer) Present Native Razowski, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHeliothrips haemorrhoidalis (black tea thrips) Present CIE, 1961; Pelikán, 1977.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHylastes ater (black pine bark beetle) Present Native Bright and Skidmore, 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHylobius abietis (large pine weevil) Widespread Badalik, 1988; Mracek, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHylurgops palliatus (lesser spruce shoot beetle) Present Native NoWood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHylurgus ligniperda (red-haired pine bark beetle) Present Native NoWood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHyphantria cunea (mulberry moth) Present CAB ABSTRACTS Data Mining 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaIps cembrae (large larch bark beetle) Absent, invalid record CABI/EPPO, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaIps duplicatus (double-spined bark beetle) Present Native Jelinek, 1993.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaIps typographus (eight-toothed bark beetle) Widespread Native Jelinek, 1993.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLeucoptera malifoliella (pear leaf blister moth) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLilioceris lilii (lily leaf beetle) Widespread Native NoCox, 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza cicerina Present NoKolesík and Pastucha, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLobesia botrana (grape berry moth) Present Gabel and Renczes, 1982; Gabel and Mocko, 1984a; Gabel and Mocko, 1984b.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLymantria monacha (nun moth) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMacrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid) Present Introduced NoCIE, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMeligethes aeneus (rape beetle) Widespread Lucht, 1987; Jelínek, 1993.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMonomorium pharaonis (pharaoh ant) Present CAB Abstracts.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMyzus cerasi (black cherry aphid) Present NHM.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMyzus persicae (green peach aphid) Present CIE, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNeodiprion sertifer (European pine sawfly) Widespread Native NoMartinek, 1972; Martinek, 1974; Simandl, 1989.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNipaecoccus nipae (spiked mealybug) Present Ben-Dov, 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaOstrinia nubilalis (European maize borer) Restricted distribution IIE, 1991; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaOtiorhynchus sulcatus (vine weevil) Widespread
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParanthrene tabaniformis (poplar clearwing moth) Widespread Srot, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParthenolecanium persicae (peach scale) Present Zahradník, 1977; CIE, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPhyllonorycter issikii (lime leafminer) Widespread Introduced YesSefrová et al., 2000; Sefrová, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPieris brassicae (large cabbage white) Widespread Higgins, 1983.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPieris rapae (cabbage white butterfly) Present CIE, 1952.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPineus pini (pine woolly aphid) Present Native NoHochmut, 1969.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPissodes castaneus (small banded pine weevil) Widespread Native Lucht, 1987; CAB European, 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPityogenes chalcographus (sixtoothed spruce bark beetls) Widespread Native NoPfeffer , 1931.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPityokteines curvidens (fir engraver beetle) Widespread Native YesWeiser, 1961.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPlanococcus citri (citrus mealybug) Present CABI/EPPO, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSaperda carcharias (large poplar borer) Present Srot, 1962.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSiphoninus phillyreae (ash whitefly) Present Mound and Halsey, 1978.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSirex noctilio (woodwasp) Present Native Smith, 1978.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSitotroga cerealella (grain moth) Present Champ and Dyte, 1977.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTetropium fuscum (brown spruce longhorn beetle) Widespread Native NoDanilevsky, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTipula paludosa (European crane fly) Widespread CIE, 1977; Oosterbroek and Theowald, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTomicus piniperda (common pine shoot beetle) Widespread Srot, 1968.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVarroa destructor (Varroa mite) Present Samsinak and Haragsim, 1972.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVespula vulgaris (wasp, common) Present CAB ABSTRACTS Data Mining 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborinus saxesenii (fruit-tree pinhole borer) Present Native NoWood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborus dispar (pear blight beetle) Restricted distribution Native NoBalachowsky, 1963; Postner, 1974; Schedl, 1981; Pfeffer, 1995.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaZeiraphera diniana (douglas fir cone moth (Japan)) Present CAB Abstracts.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaZeuzera pyrina (moth, wood leopard) Present CIE, 1973.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataChanna argus argus (northern snakehead) Present Introduced Courtenay and Williams, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCoregonus albula (vendace) Holcik, 1991.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCyprinus carpio (common carp) Present Native FAO, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLepus europaeus (European hare) Widespread Native NoMitchell-Jones et al., 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMicropterus salmoides (largemouth bass) Present, few occurrences Introduced Welcomme, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMus musculus (house mouse) Present CAB Abstracts.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataNyctereutes procyonoides (raccoon dog) Present Introduced Nowak and Pielowski, 1964; Mitchell-Jones et al., 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) Present Introduced Behnke, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOndatra zibethicus (muskrat) Widespread Introduced YesNiethammer and Krapp, 1982.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSalvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) Present Introduced Hanel, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTyto alba (Barn owl) Present Native NoBruce, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataXiphophorus hellerii Present Introduced Holcík, 1991; Zicha, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaDreissena polymorpha (zebra mussel) Present Strayer, 1991.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaDitylenchus dipsaci (stem and bulb nematode) Present Vlk, 1967; Branzovsky, 1973; Vinduska, 1976.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaGlobodera pallida (white potato cyst nematode) Unconfirmed record Potocek et al., 1991.
EukaryotaMetazoaPlatyhelminthesBothriocephalus acheilognathi Present Faina and Par, 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaAzolla filiculoides (water fern) Present Introduced Sourek, 1958.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaEquisetum arvense (field horsetail) Widespread Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcer pseudoplatanus (sycamore) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgrostis capillaris (common bent) Present Native NoTutin et al., 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlopecurus myosuroides (black-grass) Present Mikulka, 1987.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus blitum (livid amaranth) Present Aellen and Akeroyd, 1993.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus retroflexus (redroot pigweed) Widespread Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnagallis arvensis (scarlet pimpernel) Present Koblihova, 1989; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnthemis cotula (dog fennel) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArrhenatherum elatius (false oat-grass) Present Native NoTutin et al., 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArtemisia biennis (biennial wormwood) Present Introduced Euro+Med PlantBase, 2011.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAvena fatua (wild oat) Widespread Kropac, 1980; Koblihova, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBrassica rapa subsp. oleifera (turnip rape) Unconfirmed record CAB Abstracts.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus japonicus (Japanese brome) Present Native Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus rigidus (ripgut brome) Present Introduced Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus sterilis (barren brome) Present Native Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2004; USDA-ARS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBunias orientalis (Turkish warty-cabbage) Widespread Introduced Jehlik and Slavik, 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCapsella bursa-pastoris (shepherd's purse) Present Native Zemanek et al., 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea debeauxii (meadow knapweed) Present Native NoTutin et al., 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea diffusa (diffuse knapweed) Present Introduced YesTutin et al., 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea solstitialis (yellow starthistle) Present Introduced YesTutin et al., 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea stoebe subsp. micranthos (spotted knapweed) Present Introduced YesTutin et al., 1976; Ochsmann, 2001a.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCeratophyllum demersum (coontail) Widespread Pokorny and Rejmankova, 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChenopodium album (fat hen) Widespread Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChondrilla juncea (rush skeletonweed) Present Native NoGBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCirsium arvense (creeping thistle) Widespread Native Holm et al., 1979; USDA-ARS, 2004; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClematis vitalba (old man's beard) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConvolvulus arvensis (bindweed) Widespread Stace, 1972; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConyza canadensis (Canadian fleabane) Present Introduced YesCronquist, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrataegus monogyna (hawthorn) Present Native NoUSDA-ARS, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrypsis schoenoides (swamp pricklegrass) Present Native eMonocot, 2015; USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuscuta campestris (field dodder) Present Introduced Valentine and, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuscuta epithymum (alfalfa dodder) Present Native Valentine and, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuscuta europaea (European dodder) Present Native Valentine and, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) Present Introduced Tutin et al., 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCytisus scoparius (Scotch broom) Widespread Native NoHeywood and Ball, 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDatura stramonium (jimsonweed) Present Moore, 1972; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria sanguinalis (large crabgrass) Present Native Tutin et al., 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDipsacus fullonum (common teasel) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchinochloa crus-galli (barnyard grass) Present Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElodea canadensis (Canadian pondweed) Widespread Introduced Adamec and Ondok, 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElymus repens (quackgrass) Widespread Holm et al., 1991; Stach, 1992; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFallopia convolvulus (black bindweed) Present Talasova, 1987; Holm et al., 1991; Michal, 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFestuca pratensis (meadow fescue) Present Native GrassWorld, 2016; Euro+Med, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFragaria vesca (wild strawberry) Present Native Darrow, 1966.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFrangula alnus (alder buckthorn) Present Native Tutin et al., 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGalega officinalis (goatsrue) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2011.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGalinsoga parviflora (gallant soldier) Present DAISIE, 2014. Tutin, 1976
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGlechoma hederacea (ground ivy) Present Native USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGlyceria declinata (small sweet grass) Present Native Walters, 1959.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGlyceria maxima (reed sweet-grass) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGypsophila paniculata (baby’s breath) Present Missouri Botanical Garden, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedera helix (ivy) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHelianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke) Present Introduced Tutin et al., 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHieracium aurantiacum (orange hawkweed) Present Native NoSell and West, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHydrocharis morsus-ranae Present Native USDA-GRIN, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaInula britannica (british yellowhead) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2011.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIsatis tinctoria (dyers woad) Present Native NoBall and Akeroyd, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJuncus effusus (common rush) Present Native Kirschner, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLemna perpusilla (duckweed) Present Rejmankova, 1975.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLepidium draba (hoary cress) Widespread Native YesPolak and Majkova, 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLepidium latifolium (perennial pepperweed) Present Native NoRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLigustrum vulgare (common privet) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) Present Native eMonocot, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium temulentum (darnel) Present Introduced Holub, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLupinus polyphyllus (garden lupin) Present Introduced Flora Europaea, 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMarrubium vulgare (horehound) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMedicago polymorpha (bur clover) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelilotus albus (honey clover) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMentha pulegium (pennyroyal) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMurdannia nudiflora (doveweed) Present Introduced NoBaker and Zettler, 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNymphoides peltata (yellow floating-heart) Present Native CWRIS, 2005; USDA-ARS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOrobanche cernua (nodding broomrape) Present Native Chater and Webb, 1972; Euro+Med, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOrobanche crenata (crenate broomrape) Restricted distribution ter Borg, 1994.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOrobanche minor (common broomrape) Present Native Chater and Webb, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOrobanche ramosa (branched broomrape) Localised Introduced Chater and Webb, 1972.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOxalis corniculata (creeping woodsorrel) Present Pysek et al., 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhalaris arundinacea (reed canary grass) Present Native Holm et al., 1979; Prach, 1992; USDA-ARS(2003).
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlantago lanceolata (ribwort plantain) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPoa nemoralis (wood bluegrass) Present Native Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPolygonum aviculare (prostrate knotweed) Widespread Jalas and Suominen, 1979; Kovacs, 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPolygonum lapathifolium (pale persicaria) Widespread TUTIN and ET, 1964.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPopulus alba (silver-leaf poplar) Present Native NoUSDA-ARS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRaphanus raphanistrum (wild radish) Present Holm et al., 1991; USDA, 1998.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRhamnus cathartica (buckthorn) Present Native Tutin et al., 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRobinia pseudoacacia (black locust) Present Introduced World Agroforestry Centre, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex acetosella (sheep's sorrel) Present Native NoUSDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex crispus (curled dock) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex obtusifolius (broad-leaved dock) Present Native YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSalix cinerea (grey sallow) Present Native NoUSDA-ARS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSalix fragilis (crack willow) Present Native
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSambucus nigra (elder) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSecurigera varia (crown vetch) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio jacobaea (common ragwort) Widespread Native Chater and Walters, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio vulgaris Widespread Native Chater and Walters, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSetaria verticillata (bristly foxtail) Present Clayton, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSetaria viridis (green foxtail) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSilene gallica (common catchfly) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus arvensis (perennial sowthistle) Widespread EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus oleraceus (common sowthistle) Present Boulos, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSorghum halepense (Johnson grass) Present Introduced Clayton, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpergula arvensis (corn spurry) Present Hilbig and Volf, 1984; Ratter and Akeroyd, 1993.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStellaria media (common chickweed) Present Chater and Heywood, 1972; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTaraxacum officinale complex (dandelion) Present Introduced Bos et al., 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThlaspi arvense (field pennycress) Present Clapham, 1972; Holm et al., 1991; USDA et al., 1998.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTribulus terrestris (puncture vine) Present Tutin et al., 1968.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha angustifolia (lesser bulrush) Present Holm et al., 1991; Chambers et al., 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha latifolia (broadleaf cattail) Present Native USDA-ARS, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrtica urens (annual nettle) Widespread Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVicia villosa (hairy vetch) Present Native ILDIS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVulpia bromoides (squirreltail fescue) Present Introduced YesRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaXanthium spinosum (bathurst burr) Present Introduced Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaXanthium strumarium (common cocklebur) Present Love, 1976.
EukaryotaProtistaProtozoaPlasmodium relictum Present Native NoKucera, 1978.
VirusBarley yellow dwarf viruses (barley yellow dwarf) Restricted distribution CMI, 1969; EPPO, 2014.
VirusElm mottle virus Present Introduced NoSchmelzer et al., 1966; CABI/EPPO, 2004.
VirusMaize dwarf mosaic virus (dwarf mosaic of maize) Widespread Benada et al., 1964; Pokorny and Porubova, 2000; Pokorny and Porubova, 2001.
VirusStrawberry vein banding virus (vein banding of strawberry) Restricted distribution Erbenová, 1980.
VirusSugarcane mosaic virus (mosaic of abaca) Present EPPO, 2014.
VirusWest Nile virus Present CAB ABSTRACTS Data Mining 2001.

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Species which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database and selected invasive species databases). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

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List of Animal Diseases

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The table lists the animal diseases recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full disease datasheets). For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

avian infectious bronchitis Present Gdovinova, 1975; Salaj and Cernik, 1979.
Bothriocephalus acheilognathi infection Present Faina and Par, 1977.
bovine adenoviruses infections Present Krpata, 1978; Novak, 1982.
bovine coronavirus infection Present Krpata, 1985; Krupicka, 1990.
bovine parvovirus infection Present Krpata, 1980; Krpata, 1980.
bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection Present Pospisil et al., 1978.
chlamydial infections of livestock and poultry Present Bazala and Renda, 1992; Cislakova et al., 2004.
cryptobiosis Present Nohynková, 1984a.
Derzsy's disease Present Dvorakova et al., 1982.
enteric redmouth disease Present Vladik and Prouza, 1990.
giardiasis Present Pavlásek, 1984; Koudela et al., 1991; Nikitin et al., 1991.
Haemophilus somnus infection Present Mazurová, 1989; Mazurová et al., 1990.
inclusion body rhinitis Widespread Valicek et al., 1969; Valicek et al., 1973; Rademacherova, 1981.
infectious pancreatic necrosis Present Reno, 1999.
lyme borreliosis Widespread A.
Mycoplasma bovigenitalium infections Present Jurmonova et al., 1983.
Mycoplasma bovirhinis bovine respiratory disease Present Ross, 1993.
Mycoplasma bovis infections Present Jurmanova et al., 1975.
Plasmodium relictum infection Present Native NoKucera, 1978.
rotavirus infections in livestock and poultry Localised Fejes et al., 1990.
spring viraemia of carp Tesarcík and et al. , 1977a; Tesarcík and et al. , 1977b.
Staphylococcus aureus infections Widespread Tichácek, 1999.
Staphylococcus hyicus infection Present Hájek and Horák, 1981.
swine influenza Present Harnach et al., 1950; Tumova et al., 1976; Tumova et al., 1980.
varroosis of honey bees Present Samsinak and Haragsim, 1972.
West Nile fever Present Hubalek and Halouzka, 1999.

List of Animal Diseases CSV Output

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Animal Diseases which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

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