Invasive Species Compendium

Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide







  • Last modified
  • 09 February 2017
  • Bonaire
  • General data
  • Region: Caribbean
  • Climates: Dry

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List of Species

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The table lists the species recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full species datasheets). It includes species that are invasive in this region, those for which there is no data on invasive status, and also species that are not invasive in the region but are reported as invasive elsewhere. This summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the distribution record. For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis spiraecola (Spirea aphid) Present Introduced YesNHM
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCapra hircus (goats) Restricted distribution Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPantherophis guttatus (corn snake) Absent, formerly present Introduced Perry et al., 2003; Buurt van, 2005; Buurt van, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbrus precatorius (rosary pea) Present Introduced Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbutilon hirtum (Indian mallow) Present Introduced Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlbizia lebbeck (Indian siris) Present Introduced Burg et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAloe vera (true aloe) Present Introduced YesBurg et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArgemone mexicana (Mexican poppy) Present Native PROTA, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBalanites aegyptiaca (simple-thorned torchwood) Present Introduced Burg et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBoerhavia diffusa (red spiderling) Present Native Broome et al., 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBothriochloa pertusa (pitted beard grass) Present Introduced Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCaesalpinia pulcherrima (peacock flower) Present Introduced Burg et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChloris virgata (feather finger grass) Present Acevedo-Rodríguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCleome viscosa (Asian spiderflower) Present Introduced Broome et al., 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge) Present Introduced Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDactyloctenium aegyptium (crowfoot grass) Present Introduced YesBurg et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMoringa oleifera (horse radish tree) Present Introduced PROTA, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRicinus communis (castor bean) Present Introduced Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaScaevola taccada (beach naupaka) Present Introduced YesBurg et al., 2012; Smith et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaZiziphus spina-christi (Christ's thorn jujube) Present Introduced Van der Burg et al., 2012.

List of Species CSV Output

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Species which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database and selected invasive species databases). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

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