Invasive Species Compendium

Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide


American Samoa



American Samoa


  • Last modified
  • 09 February 2017
  • American Samoa
  • General data
  • Region: Oceania
  • Area (km2): NaN
  • Climates: Tropical
  • Capital: Pago Pago
  • Selected Statistics, World Bank (2007)
  • Population, total: 65,029

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List of Species

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The table lists the species recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full species datasheets). It includes species that are invasive in this region, those for which there is no data on invasive status, and also species that are not invasive in the region but are reported as invasive elsewhere. This summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the distribution record. For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

BacteriaProteobacteriaRalstonia solanacearum (bacterial wilt of potato) Absent, unreliable record EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaProteobacteriaXanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli (bean blight) Present Brooks, 2002; EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaProteobacteriaXanthomonas citri (citrus canker) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora colocasiae (taro leaf blight) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2014; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora infestans (Phytophthora blight) Present Brooks, 2002.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaCeratocystis fimbriata (Ceratocystis blight) Restricted distribution EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaGuignardia citricarpa (citrus black spot) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaMycosphaerella fijiensis (black Sigatoka) Present Introduced YesFirman, 1975; CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaPseudocercospora angolensis (leaf spot of Citrus spp.) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaPhellinus noxius (brown tea root disease) Present CABI and EPPO, 1997.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaPuccinia kuehnii (orange rust) Present Brooks, 2002; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAdoretus sinicus (Chinese rose beetle) Present Introduced YesTsutsumi et al., 1993.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAleurodicus dispersus (whitefly) Present NHM, unda; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAnoplolepis gracilipes (yellow crazy ant) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis gossypii (cotton aphid) Present Carver, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAspidiotus destructor (coconut scale) Present NAPPO 15:2; CIE, 1966; Williams and Watson, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBactrocera kirki Present Heimoana et al., 1997a; CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBactrocera xanthodes (Pacific fruit fly) Present Heimoana et al., 1997; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (tobacco whitefly) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (MEAM1) (silverleaf whitefly) Present de Barro et al., 1998; CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBrontispa longissima (coconut hispine beetle) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998; Long, 1974; Waterhouse and Norris, 1987; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChrysomphalus aonidum (circular scale) Present CIE, 1988; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCulex quinquefasciatus (southern house mosquito) Widespread Introduced Belkin, 1962.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCylas formicarius (sweet potato weevil) Present CABI/EPPO, 2004; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDiaphorina citri (Asian citrus psyllid) Present CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDysmicoccus brevipes (pineapple mealybug) Present Williams and Watson, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDysmicoccus neobrevipes (grey pineapple mealybug) Present García et al., 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEuwallacea piceus Present Introduced YesSchedl, 1951.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHelicoverpa armigera (cotton bollworm) Present IIE, 1993; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza sativae (vegetable leaf miner) Widespread EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza trifolii (American serpentine leafminer) Present CABI/EPPO, 1997; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNezara viridula (green stink bug) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaOryctes rhinoceros (coconut rhinoceros beetle) Present Bedford and, 1980; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaQuadrastichus erythrinae (Erythrina gall wasp) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011; SPC, 2006; CABI/EPPO, 2009; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSimosyrphus grandicornis (common hover fly) Present Introduced Peck et al., 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSolenopsis geminata (tropical fire ant) Present Introduced ISSG, 2009; Wetterer Vargo, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSolenopsis papuana (Papuan thief ant) Present Native NoISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSpodoptera litura (taro caterpillar) Present YesIIE, 1993; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTapinoma melanocephalum (ghost ant) Widespread Introduced Vargo, 2000.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaThrips palmi (melon thrips) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborus perforans (island pinhole borer) Present Introduced YesUK CAB International, 1973.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus compactus (shot-hole borer) Present EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus morigerus (brown twig beetle) Present Introduced YesSchedl, 1963; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAcridotheres tristis (common myna) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataColumba livia (pigeons) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataFelis catus (cat) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataGambusia affinis (western mosquitofish) Present Introduced Welcomme, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataGambusia holbrooki (eastern mosquitofish) Present Introduced YesFroese and Pauly, 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataHemidactylus frenatus (common house gecko) Present Introduced YesAmerson et al., 1982.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLutjanus kasmira (blueline snapper) Widespread Native NoAllen, 1985.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia) Present Introduced Pullin et al., 1997; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia) Present Introduced Pullin et al., 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRattus norvegicus (brown rat) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRattus rattus (black rat) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRhinella marina (cane toad) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSus scrofa [ISC] (feral pig) Present Introduced YesSPREP, 2000.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTyto alba (Barn owl) Present Native NoBruce, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaCnidariaTubastraea coccinea (orange-cup coral) Present ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaEchinodermataAcanthaster planci (crown-of-thorns starfish) Present YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaAchatina fulica (giant African land snail) Restricted distribution Introduced YesTauili'ili and Vargo, 1993; Tillier et al., 1993; Cowie, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaDeroceras laeve (meadow slug) Present Introduced YesHutchinson et al., 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaEuglandina rosea (rosy predator snail) Present Introduced YesCiveyrel and Simberloff, 1996; Cowie, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaVeronicella cubensis (Cuban slug) Present Introduced Robinson and Hollingsworth, 2005; Badilles et al., 2010; USDA-APHIS, 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaHelicotylenchus multicinctus (banana spiral nematode) Present Brooks, 2002; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaMeloidogyne incognita (root-knot nematode) Present Brooks, 2002; CABI/EPPO, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaRadopholus similis (burrowing nematode) Present CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCaulerpa taxifolia (killer algae) Present Guiry and Guiry, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaChristella dentata (soft fern) Present Native NoWhistler, 1998.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaCyclosorus parasiticus (parasitic maiden fern) Present Native NoWhistler, 1998; Holttum, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbrus precatorius (rosary pea) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia auriculiformis (northern black wattle) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2000; PIER, 2016. S
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia mangium (brown salwood) Introduced YesHaysom and Murphy, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcmella uliginosa (marsh para cress) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAdenanthera pavonina (red-bead tree) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2002; Space and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgeratum conyzoides (billy goat weed) Present Introduced NoWaterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAleurites moluccanus (candlenut tree) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAllamanda cathartica (yellow allamanda) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro) Present Introduced Ragone and Lorence, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlternanthera sessilis (sessile joyweed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnnona muricata (soursop) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAntigonon leptopus (coral vine) Widespread Introduced Englberger, 2009; Waterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArtocarpus altilis (breadfruit) Present Introduced Ragone, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsclepias curassavica (bloodflower) Present Introduced YesSetchell, 1924; Swarbrick, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsparagus setaceus (asparagus fern) Present Introduced PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAxonopus fissifolius Present Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAzadirachta indica (neem tree) Present Introduced PIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBauhinia monandra (Napoleon's plume) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBauhinia purpurea (purple bauhinia) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBidens pilosa (blackjack) Present USDA Forest Service, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBixa orellana (annatto) Present Introduced PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCaesalpinia pulcherrima (peacock flower) Present only in captivity/cultivation PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCaladium bicolor (heart of Jesus) Present Introduced PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalliandra houstoniana var. calothyrsus (calliandra) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalopogonium mucunoides (calopo) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalotropis procera (apple of sodom) Present Introduced Yes
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCanna indica (canna lilly) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCastilla elastica (Mexican rubber tree) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCasuarina equisetifolia (casuarina) Present PIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCasuarina glauca (scaly oak (Australia)) Present Introduced PIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCatharanthus roseus (Madagascar periwinkle) Present Introduced YesWhistler, 1996.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCedrela odorata (Spanish cedar) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentella asiatica (Asiatic pennywort) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCestrum diurnum (day jessamine) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCestrum nocturnum (night jessamine) Present only in captivity/cultivation Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCheilocostus speciosus Present Introduced Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChrysopogon aciculatus (golden false beardgrass) Present Native Space and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCinnamomum verum (cinnamon) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum quadriloculare (bronze-leaved clerodendrum) Present Introduced Englberger, 2009; PIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum speciosissimum (Java glory bower) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClidemia hirta (Koster's curse) Present Introduced YesWester and Wood, 1977; PIER, 2007; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCocos nucifera (coconut) Present Introduced Chan and Elevitch, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaColocasia esculenta (taro) Present Introduced Ragone and Lorence, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCordyline fruticosa (ti plant) Present Hinkle, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrassocephalum crepidioides (redflower ragleaf) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrotalaria retusa (rattleweed) Present PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuphea carthagenensis (Colombian waxweed) Present Introduced Whistler, 1998; Bishop Museum, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyanthillium cinereum (little ironweed) Present Introduced YesWhistler, 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) Present Introduced Whistler, 1983; PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus rotundus (purple nutsedge) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDactylis glomerata (cocksfoot) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDactyloctenium aegyptium (crowfoot grass) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDelonix regia (flamboyant) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDesmodium incanum (creeping beggerweed) Whistler, 1998; Ragone and Lorence, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDieffenbachia seguine (dumb cane) Present Introduced YesHEAR, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria bicornis (Asian crabgrass) Present Native PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria ciliaris (southern crabgrass) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDioscorea bulbifera (air potato) Present Introduced Whistler, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDuranta erecta (golden dewdrop) Present Introduced PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchinochloa colona (junglerice) Present Introduced Clayton et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEleusine indica (goose grass) Present Introduced YesWhistler, 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmilia fosbergii (Florida tassel-flower) Present Introduced Whistler, 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmilia sonchifolia (red tasselflower) Present Waterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaErechtites valerianifolius (tropical burnweed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEugenia uniflora (Surinam cherry) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuphorbia hypericifolia (graceful spurge) Present Introduced PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFalcataria moluccana (batai wood) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus benghalensis (banyan) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus benjamina (weeping fig) Present only in captivity/cultivation Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus elastica (rubber plant) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFlemingia macrophylla (large leaf flemingia) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGliricidia sepium (gliricidia ) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2000a.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium coronarium (white butterfly ginger lily) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000; Brooks, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium flavescens (wild ginger) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHemigraphis alternata (red ivy) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHeterotis rotundifolia (pink lady) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHibiscus tiliaceus (coast cottonwood) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaImperata cylindrica (cogon grass) Present Introduced PIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIndigofera hirsuta (hairy indigo) Present PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIndigofera suffruticosa (Anil indigo) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJasminum multiflorum (star jasmine) Present Introduced NoBishop Museum, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJatropha curcas (jatropha) Present Introduced Caius, 1986.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKalanchoe pinnata (cathedral bells) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2002a.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLantana camara (lantana) Widespread Introduced YesThaman, 1974.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLemna perpusilla (duckweed) Present PIER, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeucaena leucocephala (leucaena) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLigustrum sinense (Chinese privet) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLindernia crustacea (Malaysian false pimpernel) Present Whistler, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLudwigia hyssopifolia (water primrose) Present NoHEAR, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLuffa aegyptiaca (loofah) Present PIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMangifera indica (mango) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMegathyrsus maximus (Guinea grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; Fosberg et al., 1987.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelastoma malabathricum (Banks melastoma) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelinis minutiflora (molasses grass) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMerremia peltata Present Introduced Englberger, 2009; Waterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMerremia umbellata (hogvine) Present Whistler, 1983; Speith and Harrison, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMesosphaerum pectinatum (comb bushmint) Widespread Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMikania micrantha (bitter vine) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1991; Meyer, 2000; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMimosa diplotricha (creeping sensitive plant) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; Swarbrick, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMimosa pudica (sensitive plant) Widespread Introduced YesWaterhouse and Norris, 1987; PIER, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMirabilis jalapa (four o'clock flower) Present Introduced PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMomordica charantia (bitter gourd) Present Introduced YesWaterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMurdannia nudiflora (doveweed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOdontonema cuspidatum (Cardinal’s guard) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOpuntia humifusa Present Datamining 2011 - Invasive Species Databases.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOxalis corniculata (creeping woodsorrel) Present Introduced YesWhistler, 1990; Waterhouse, 1997; PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum conjugatum (sour paspalum) Widespread Whistler, 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum dilatatum (dallisgrass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2017.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum paniculatum (Russell River grass) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum scrobiculatum (ricegrass paspalum) Present PIER, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum urvillei (Vasey grass) Widespread Introduced YesGBIF, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum vaginatum (seashore paspalum) Present PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora edulis (passionfruit) Present Introduced Space et al., 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora foetida (red fruit passion flower) Present Waterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum purpureum (elephant grass) Present Introduced YesRagone and Lorence, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhalaris paradoxa (awned canary-grass) Present, few occurrences Introduced Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhysalis angulata (cutleaf groundcherry) Present Introduced YesWhistler, 1983; Swarbrick, 1997; PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPiper aduncum (spiked pepper) Widespread Introduced Hartemink, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPithecellobium dulce (Manila tamarind) Present Introduced
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlectranthus amboinicus (Indian borage) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlectranthus scutellarioides (coleus) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPluchea indica (Indian camphorweed) Present Introduced PIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPortulaca pilosa (kiss-me-quick) Present Introduced Bishop Museum, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPsidium guajava (guava) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2012; Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPueraria montana var. lobata (kudzu) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRhizophora mangle (red mangrove) Absent, invalid record Native Steele et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRicinus communis (castor bean) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRusselia equisetiformis (firecracker plant) Present only in captivity/cultivation Introduced PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSacciolepis indica (glen woodgrass) Widespread Introduced National Tropical Botanical Garden, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSamanea saman (rain tree) Present Introduced Space & Flynn, 1999
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSanchezia speciosa (shrubby whitevein) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchefflera actinophylla (umbrella tree) Present Introduced Space and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian pepper tree) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna alata (candle bush) Present only in captivity/cultivation Introduced PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna obtusifolia (sicklepod) Present Swarbrick, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna occidentalis (coffee senna) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSesbania grandiflora (sesbania) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSida acuta (sida) Widespread Introduced YesWaterhouse and Norris, 1987; Swarbrick, 1997; PIER, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum torvum (turkey berry) Present Waterhouse, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpathodea campanulata (African tulip tree) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpathoglottis plicata (Philippine ground orchid) Present Native Govaerts, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSphagneticola trilobata (wedelia) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000a; PIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachytarpheta cayennensis (blue snakeweed) Present, few occurrences Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000; Ragone and Lorence, 2003; USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachytarpheta urticifolia (rattail) Absent, unreliable record Moldenke, 1944; Moldenke, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStenotaphrum secundatum (buffalo grass) Present PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSyngonium podophyllum (arrowhead vine) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSyzygium jambos (rose apple) Present Introduced NoSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTabebuia heterophylla (pink trumpet tree) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTecoma stans (yellow bells) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000a.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTerminalia catappa (Singapore almond) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThunbergia alata (black eyed Susan) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThunbergia fragrans (whitelady) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTibouchina urvilleana (princessflower) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2002; Henderson, 2016; PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTradescantia spathacea (boat lily) Present Introduced YesSetchell, 1924.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrena lobata (caesar weed) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2002; PIER, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa distachya (signal grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa mutica (para grass) Present Introduced YesSpace and Flynn, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVigna marina (beach bean) Widespread Native NoWhistler, 1992; Whistler, 1994.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaXanthosoma sagittifolium (elephant ear) Present Introduced PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaZoysia matrella (Manila grass) Localised Introduced NoPIER, 2016.
VirusBanana bunchy top virus (bunchy top of banana) Present YesCABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.

List of Species CSV Output

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Species which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database and selected invasive species databases). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

Download CSV file