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Iversan, Doktil and Macrodox 200 for ascariasis, strongyloidosis and oesophagostomiasis of pigs.


In a commercial pig farm, unfavorable for ascariasis, strongyloidosis and oesophagostomiasis, researches have been conducted to study the effectiveness of the complex use of the avermectin parasiticide Iversan and the antibiotics Doctil, Macrodox 200. The previously obtained results confirm the relief of migratory forms of bronchopneumonia and enterocolitis of nematode etiology with threetime administration of the drug Iversan solution by the group method with water. But in cases of massive invasions and the subsequent severe course of diseases with complication by bacterial infection, complex therapy of piglets is necessary. Studies have shown that the use of antibiotics Doctil (Doxycycline hydrochloride - a semi-synthetic drug of the tetracycline group + Tylosin tartrate - macrolide) and Macrodox 200 (a similar composition) at intervals of 3 and 5 days after the course of treatment with Iversan, contributes to a faster recovery and optimization of the rehabilitation period. In a clinical study of animals of experimental groups, an improvement in general condition, an increase in appetite, the absence of cough, cessation of diarrhea, as well as a gradual increase in weight gain was noted. Timely prescribed complex therapy of piglets with migratory forms of bronchopneumonia and enterocolitis of ascarian, strongyloid and esophagostomous etiology can significantly reduce the mortality. The group method of prescribing medications with water reduces the risk of stress. The developed treatment regimen, along with veterinary and sanitary measures, should be used in pig breeding enterprises that are disadvantaged by ascariasis, strongyloidosis and oesophagostomiasis.