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Knowledge, awareness and prevention of rabies and free roaming dogs in Penang.


Free roaming dogs (FRDs) are defined as unconfined dogs and are not prevented from roaming. In Malaysia, the status quo of our FRDs and its management is inconclusive. This study was initiated after the 2015 rabies outbreak in Penang and many parties have been involved in their management. Henceforth, this survey was conducted to determine the status quo of FRDs and its management, concomitantly with the other details than comes along with it. Many aspects of these FRDs welfare knowledge were included in the questionnaire and analysed accordingly. Basic analysis for 157 public respondents that consist of locals of Penang had been accomplished, which brought to a success rate of 78.5%. Statistical analysis has been conducted to identify the knowledge, awareness and prevention of Rabies and FRDs. Our survey also reported that 40% agreed that rabies is a problem in Malaysia and 70% of respondents believed that children are at high risk of contracting it. Sixtynine percent were not knowledgeable about rabies and its zoonotic implications. In conclusion, it was noted that the overall awareness and understanding level of Rabies knowledge is unsatisfactory. The results showed public concern towards FRDs and encouraged the authorities to seek out improved methods of population and FRDs control which is humane and acceptable in society.