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Influence of leaf fertilizers on the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus in introduced rice varieties.


The experiment was carried out in a permanent rice cell in the locality of Saedinenie (Bulgaria) within the period 2013-2014. The survey included 2 Turkish rice varieties (Osmanchik 97 and Gala) and 4 Italian ones (Linche, Kameo, Puma and Brio). The following leaf fertilizers were tested: Folur, Amalgerol and Lithovit, imported in the phenophases of tillering and panicle -- beginning of tasseling. Ten days after the plants' treatment, the parameters of the flag leaf were measured (length, width, area) and reported those of the leaf exchange (activity of photosynthesis, intensity of transpiration and stomatal conductivity). Based on the obtained results, it was found out that the effect of the tested fertilizers depends on the variety and the meteorological conditions during the vegetation in the different years of rice growing. It has been proven that the applied fertilizers do not significantly impact the parameters of the flag leaf. An exception is the Cameo variety, which in both reporting years responds to treatment with Amalgerol. A better effect on leaf gas exchange was found in the varieties Osmanchik 97, Cameo, Puma and Brio when treated with Amalgerol, and Lince- with Lithovit. A more pronounced effect of fertilizers was demonstrated in the second year of the experiment, which is characterized by more unfavorable weather conditions for rice cultivation. In the varieties Lince, Cameo and Brio, the improved gas exchange corresponds to higher productivity of the treated plants.