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Assessment of allelopathic water stress of parthenium on weed density and initial growth of maize hybrid (FS-151) using sigmoid growth model.


Parthenium is an invasive weed and has adverse effect on agriculture, biodiversity and human health in our ecosystem. This experiment was carried out to find the allelopathic water stress of parthenium effect on maize growth dynamics using 3 sigmoidal growth model. Soil was collected from weed infested field. Allelopathic water stress (AWS) greatly reduced weed density as compared to control. Allelopathic water stress of parthenium at higher concentration (PWS-100%) reduced maize germination and affect chlorophyll content, leaf area, plant height, shoot biomass, root biomass. As at lower concentration (AWS-25% and 50%) enhance maize growth parameters. This study revealed that allelopathic water stress of parthenium at lower concentration increase maize growth and decrease a weed density up to minimum level.