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Biological parameters of tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) on different tomato cultivars.


Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) is the most important and destructive tomato pest in South and Central America, Europe and Iran, which has caused severe damage to greenhouses and tomato fields. In this study, the biological characteristics of this pest were studied on seven commercial tomato cultivars including Kimia Falat, CH Falat, Y Falat, Super Stone, Rio Grand, King Stone and Super 2270 inside the growth chamber set at 25±2°C, 65±5% RH and 16L:8D h. Damage of this pest was also examined in different tomato cultivars. The highest larval period was obtained on King Stone cultivar (11.98 days) and the lowest on Rio Grand cultivar (9.83 days). The lowest (5.48 days) and the highest (8.54 days) oviposition periods were observed on King Stone and Rio Grand cultivars, respectively. Female lifespan ranged from 7.83 days on King Stone to 11.54 days on Rio Grand. The lowest intrinsic rate of increase (r) (0.105 day-1) was observed on King Stone cultivar and the highest (0.158 day-1) on Rio Grand cultivar. The lowest values of net reproduction rate (R0) and finite population growth rate (λ) on were recorded King Stone cultivar (25.54 offspring and 1.110 day-1, respectively) and the highest values of these two parameters on Rio Grand cultivar (81.28 offspring and 1.172 day-1, respectively). The lowest number of mines and also the lowest percentage of infected leaflets were on King Stone cultivar (19.25 and 19.33%, respectively) and the highest values of these parameters on Rio Grand cultivar (70.00 and 76.21%, respectively). According to the results of this study, King Stone cultivar is the most resistant and therefore it can be used in integrated management programs of T. absoluta.