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BC-InStink - invasive stink bugs in fruit crops.


The objective of the federally funded joint project BC-InStink (duration: 04/2021 - 04/2024) is the development of biological plant protection strategies for the invasive stink bug species Halyomorpha halys and Nezara viridula in fruit crops. Damage caused by stink bugs feeding on ripening and ripened fruits will be assessed and characterized which is an important component of effective management strategies. In addition, a monitoring of orchards and their surrounding habitats for natural enemies of these two stink bug species, the assessment of their biological control potential, and rearings of strains of potential biological control agents will be established. Various field entomological methods will be applied to monitor the stink bugs and their natural enemies, including visual surveys of various fruit crops over time and placement of sentinel egg masses for assessment of parasitoid abundance and species diversity.