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Aggression, erection, and masturbation in feral Pottoka ponies and implications for equine welfare.


Erection and masturbation in horses are considered unwanted behaviors in training contexts, despite recognition that these are naturally occurring behaviors that are integral to the welfare of male horses. Equestrians, especially those who use positive reinforcement in their training, expressed concern that the presence of such behaviors might be associated with aggressive or sexual behaviors aimed at humans participating in horse-human interactions. The implications of such attitudes could negatively affect male horses by excluding them from welfare-friendly training systems. In this study, feral stallions were observed to describe and quantify behaviors that occurred before, during, and after erection and masturbation, and to identify change in arousal. This study did not find evidence that erection and masturbation are associated with increases in arousal, or to sexual or aggressive behavior toward other horses. The possible presence or induction of erection or masturbation alone might not limit male horses from participating in certain handling, training, or riding contexts. These findings, along with further research, may be used to inform interpretations of horse-human interactions that involve erection or masturbation.