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Systematic review of research trends on the endemic fish Pterapogon kauderni.


Pterapogon kauderni, also known as Banggai cardinalfish (BCF), is a popular high demand ornamental fish prevalent in Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia which increase the catch process and cause the P. kauderrni specified in IUCN as a threatened species, with an estimated population decline of 90%. There are other factors that possibly endanger this population, such as the degradation and alteration of marine ecosystems, species susceptibility to predator, environmental change and the relatively limited size distribution. A major effort preventing P. kauderni extinction involves the adoption of conservation measures. This is because the fish exploitation is perceived as irrepressible, in terms of the socio-economic factors of the surrounding community in its endemic area Banggai. In this context, Indonesia is committed to conservation and related researches in ensuring adequate sustainability for this species. As a result, the need for data is important in relation to determining the status, trends and various similar researches. Literature reviews on P. kauderni provide channels to ascertain the extent of the research. This review assesses the research trends of P. kauderni, including the topic, applied methods, introduction status as a non-native species from trade activities either intentionally or unintentionally presented for cultivation purposes, progress of conservation efforts, and future risks potentially threatening aquatic survival. The evaluation of previous researches help to identify and characterize key aspects of the species' conservation process as well as detect vital information gaps for future considerations. A systematic review method was subsequently adopted in this research, while Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, and Scopus served as databases to eliminate barriers to language differences in publications. The data analysis results showed that various research on P. kauderni have been conducted, which provided relevant conservation policies and recommendations. Poor collaboration with international researchers and language factors are possible hindrances to future development of this species. Furthermore, the data variations were due to inadequate standards and values necessary for a significant impact in research results. Conversely, researches on the effects of introductions in non-native areas and the local ecology are currently very limited.