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Studies on the occurrence and distribution of the invasive alien angiospermic plant species in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Pilibhit, U.P., (India).


In a survey conducted in the year 2016-2018, for the record of invasive alien Angiospermic plant species of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, a total 64 species belonging to 29 families were recorded, among these Dicotyledons represented by 57 species whereas monocots with 7 species. Among all Alien species, the maximum number of species (13) were from the family Asteraceae, followed by Amaranthaceae (05), Euphorbiaceae and Papilionaceae (04), Caesalpiniaceae (03), Convolvulaceae and Poaceae (03). The data revealed that herbs accounted for 45 species, undershrubs 6 species, shrubs 5 species, climbers 1 species, trees 2 species, grasses 3 species and sedges represented with 2 species.