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Gastrointestinal parasites and lung worms of wild ruminants from Southwestern Bulgaria. II. Mouflon. Bovidae: Ovis aries musimon (Pallas, 1811).


A parasitological examination of fecal samples, liver, intestine, and lungs of 36 mouflons was done. The materials were obtained after regular hunting in South-West Bulgaria. The materials are from the DGS "Blagoevgrad" (n = 1), DGS "Mesta" (n = 3), DLS "Dikchan" (n = 31), and DLS "Iskar" (n = 1). In a partial helminthological autopsy of the lungs and examination of fecal samples with Baerman's method, invasion by lung nematodes of the family Protostrongylidae were found. In a partial helminthological autopsy of the liver and intestine, trematodes of the genus Dicrocoelium, cestode larvae (Cysticercus tenuicollis) and nematodes of the genus Haemonchus were isolated. After examination of fecal samples by the method of Fulleborn, eggs of nematodes of the genera Nematodirus, Trichuris, and Eimeria oocysts were found. After morphological exam-ination of cultured larvae, invasions with representatives of the families Trichostrongylidae Leiper, 1912 and Chabertiidae Lichtenfels, 1980 were discovered. Ovoscopically examined fecal samples, after sedimentation showed the presence of eggs belonging to parasites from the genera Dicrocoelium and Paramphistomum.