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Foliar and stem chemical control of the invasive species Ailanthus altissima from pastures.


The present paper presents the results of the chemical foliar control research of the species Ailanthus altissima. In the shrubs sprayed on the foliar apparatus, the effect was 100%, only where the solution reached the leaves, and in the tops of the trees where the solution did not spread, the leaves were not affected, having a normal vegetation. It should be noted that this method applied by spraying the foliar apparatus did not affect other shrubs in the vicinity, only the treated herbicide had an effect on those treated. In conclusion, the herbicide had its effect only where it came in contact with the leaves, the rest of the leaves not being affected. In those injected with a herbicide dose of 4 ml/cm in the diameter of the tree (15 cm in diameter corresponds to a dose of 60 ml pure herbicide) at a distance of 30 cm above the ground, the herbicide made its effect 100%, these shrubs drying completely. They were also affected, in addition to those injected a no. of 10 and 12 trees, respectively, on a perimeter of 10 m2, but not entirely, the foliar apparatus being affected 70-80% of the foliage and at the same time new shoots of approx. 30-40 cm long, and the tendency of herbicidal trees to regenerate after approx. 35 days.