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Ectopic pregnancy in a 2-year-old domestic cat - case report.


Extrauterine pregnancy in humans and animals denotes a pregnancy occurring elsewhere than in the uterine cavity. Neither in humans, nor in animals the causes and mechanisms leading to an ectopic implantation of the oocyte are not always clearly defined. This paper describes an extrauterine pregnancy of a 2 years old feral cat brought to the clinics for a routine spaying. Prior to surgery, clinical, biochemical, hematological, and ultrasound assessments were performed. Both abdominal palpation and ultrasound evaluation revealed abdominal pain due to a hard mass found into the left abdominal cavity. Around three months before this visit, the cat whelped eutocic three healthy kittens. During the surgery, one extrauterine mummified fetus was found on the omentum, in the vicinity of the left ovary, covered by a green dry mass. No complications were observed during the ovariohysterectomy or after it. It was assumed to be an ectopic pregnancy due to uterine rupture.