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Invasive and potentially invasive alogen plants in the urban and periurban zones of Oltenia.


Floristic research on this category of plants was started with some observations made under a research contract whose main objective was the complex study of anthropophilial flora in the main cities of Oltenia. The results obtained led us to monitor this category of plants to observe their evolution in the habitats in which they are installed. Following numerous movements made in recent years, a floristic inventory of invasive and potentially invasive plants in the urban and periurban areas of Oltenia, totaling 64 taxa, has been compiled. If it relates to the total number of species in this category with area on the territory of our country, we can say that 50% of them prefer urban and periurban places. If we add to the above the aggressiveness of some species and the presence of taxa of concern to the European Union (e.g. Ailanthus altissima and Asclepias syriaca), we can say that careful monitoring of invasive and potentially invasive plants is more than necessary. A first step would be to limit the expansion of the anthropogenic factor.