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Phenotypic characterization of Pyricularia oryzae isolates of wheat and invasive plants.


The species of fungi of the genus Pyricularia are associated with the blight disease in plants of the family Poaceae. Pyricularia oryzae is the species with the highest incidence and distribution worldwide, causing losses in economically important crops, such as rice, oats, rye, barley, wheat and triticale. Thus, this study aimed to characterize the pathogenicity spectrum of P. oryzae of wheat and invasive plants, such as brachiaria, rice and barley. The research was conducted in the Laboratory and in the greenhouse of the State University of Goiás, at Jataí Campus. Ten isolates of Pyricularia spp. obtained from samples of infected leaves from the wheat fields were tested. According to the results, we concluded the isolates of Pyricularia oryzae were pathogenic to wheat, barley, rice and brachiaria, with differences in aggressiveness. The species of Urochloa spp. represent permanent source of initial inoculum of P. oryzae pathotipo Triticum between the times of wheat cultivation. The isolates of P. oryzae originated from Panicum maximum and Cenchrus echinatus also infect wheat and the other hosts studied.