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Survey on the cadaver rates of Spodoptera frugiperda and isolation of pathogenic strain.


The fall armyworm, Spodoptera furgiperda (J. E. Smith), is a new important invasive pest. Currently, S. furgiperda has invaded many provinces in China and became an important pest of maize production. We investigated the cadaver rates of S. furgiperda in Guangzhou, and isolated the pathogenic fungi on cadaver of S. furgiperda, and tested its pathogenicity to the 3rd larvae of S. furgiperda. The results showed that the cadaver of S. furgiperda distributed widely in the cornfield; the highest natural cadaver rate could be 20.99% and cumulative cadaver rate was 43.21%. The strain was identified as Beauveria bassiana by using morphological methods, molecular biological analysis, and pathogenicity on S. furgiperda. The cultured conidium had the same mortality rates with that of cadaver surface, and the effective spore concentration was 1 Ă— 107 cfu/mL, and the cumulative mortality was 78.57% at the concentration. The results indicated that strain was highly virulent to S. furgiperda and could be used as a biocontrol fungus for further research.