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Comparison of the effectiveness of the most used chemicals against Tuta absoluta in Tunisia.


Control failures with several chemicals have prompted research into the resistance status of Tuta absoluta and the effectiveness of certain active ingredients against this pest. In this context, a comparison was made of the effectiveness of the most widely used chemicals against T. absoluta in Tunisia. The results show that the L1 larval stage of Tuta absoluta is very sensitive to all of the chemicals tested. Stage L2 is sensitive to Spinosad, indoxacarb and emactin, while Bacillus thuringiensis, martine do not cause 50% mortality. L3 stage mortality fluctuates between 20% and 80% mortality. The L4 stage is more affected by the treatment with Bacillus thuringiensis which can go to 100%. Based on these results, chemical treatments should be directed according to the dominant larval stage in the plants.