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Peat swamp biodiversity in the Qizimei Mountain National Nature Reserve, China.


The Qizimei Mountain National Nature Reserve (QMNNR) is located in a hotspot for endemic species in China's subtropical zone and contains large patches of sub-alpine peat swamp. To compile a species inventory and illustrate the threats to biodiversity in QMNNR, we conducted field surveys for peat swamp flora and macro-fauna from June 2011 to July 2012. The resulting species list comprises 198 plant, eight amphibian, five reptile, 25 fish, 47 bird and eleven mammal taxa. Of these, nine species are regarded as globally threatened and three as invasive aquatic species. Due to sampling bias and incompleteness we may have under-estimated the number of species and, therefore, it is likely that further species will be added to the list in future surveys. Available evidence suggests that over-exploitation of moss, habitat destruction, and introduction of non-native species are the main threats to peatland biodiversity in the QMNNR. To protect native biodiversity and restore the sub-alpine peatland ecosystem in QMNNR and similar locations, we suggest that conservation effort should include restrictions on moss harvesting, prohibition of hunting, allowing vegetation to recover by restricting human disturbance, and monitoring and removal of non-native species.