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Two localities of Periploca graeca L. in the Danube islands Aydemir and Vetren (Ciocăneşti).


Specific localities of Periploca graeca (Silk vine) are reported for the territory of Aydemir and Vetren islands (Danube floristic region). These new records are very important for the following reasons: the Silk vine is part of the nature vegetation of the islands and confirms its role of diagnostic species for the NATURA 2000 habitat 91E0; the present study found some preferences of the Silk vine to the soil conditions. At this stage Periploca graeca was met only on the Eutric Fluvisols. The species was found in the community of alien invasive species such as Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Amorpha fruticosa and Sicyos angulatus, which is an indirect indicator of its ability to adapt and to conceal itself an invasive potential.