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Evaluating conservation status, threats and population trends of Leucadendron, a plant genus endemic: to the cape region in South Africa.


Declines in endemic species have significant impact on global biodiversity loss. More efforts need to be harnessed to further protect endemic species from the current global extinction crisis. This study evaluated the current conservation status, factors responsible for risk of extinction and the trends in populations of Leucadendron, a plant genus endemic to the Cape region in South Africa. The SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) Red List was employed in this study. The results revealed that over 50% of taxa in this genus are threatened and most of the species are exposed to habitat destruction and the presence of invasive species. It was also discovered that two species of this genus are currently extinct, which implies this genus is facing a high risk of extinction. More efforts, such as designing effective methods of controlling forces responsible for the risk of extinction of taxa in this genus, should be put in place to prevent their complete extirpation in future.