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Presence of Pteridium aquilinum and its response to soil characteristics in summer rangelands of Bandpay, Babol, Mazandaran province.


Pteridium aquilinum which wildly could be found in different continents, is common in Hycanian region of Iran. This weeds species can cause problems in rangeland, agriculture and forest management. As this species is encroaching into mountainous rangelands, this study assesses the P. aquilinum presence and its edaphic niches in summer rangelands of Bandpay, Babol, Mazandaran province, Iran. The vegetation cover, density, height, and biomass besides the soil were sampled in four invaded sites including forest, two shrublands, and one grassland. The results showed that the species had a mean cover of 50 to 75%, mean density of 12 to 37 stands/m2, mean stand height of 50 to 90 cm, and mean above-ground biomass of 4 to 7 tons/ha. All measured variables in invaded grasslands except frond height were significantly greater than that in invaded shrublands and forest. Invaded areas had significantly greater organic matter, N, and EC and less pH than that in not invaded rangelands. P. aquilinum showed an optimum in acidic soil with high moisture. Control of this species should be a part of management otherwise the spread of this species could lead to further land abandonment.