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Oslerus osleri (Filaroides osleri) - a new or unknown lung parasite for dogs in Bulgaria.


To date, there is no known evidence of a parasitic invasion of Oslerus osleri in Bulgaria, in contrast to its widespread use in incidence in the United States and Canada. Globalization and the free movement of humans and animals in the world are therefore predisposing factors for the spread of infections and invasions in different latitudes. After infection with Oslerus osleri, dogs show signs of tracheobronchitis accompanied by permanent cough and worsening of the general condition. The aim of the study was to determine the age groups of the infected animals, to examine the effectiveness of three specific anthelmintic therapy schemes, and to establish a clinical protocol for testing dogs for Oslerus osleri as part of the differential diagnosis of tracheobronchitis.