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Occurrence of antibodies anti-Toxoplasma gondii among sheltered and free-roaming cats within a university campus.


The present study aimed to assess anti-T. gondii antibodies in sheltered and free-roaming cats within a university campus that has an overlapping population of humans and livestock. A total of 51 cats were tested for anti-T. gondii antibodies using the indirect immunofluorescent antibody test. Overall, 8/51 cats (15.7%) were seropositive. Cats were more likely to be seropositive when free-roaming (p= 0.008) and with presence of skin lesions (p= 0.042), and less likely with < 1 year of age (p= 0.021), probably due to higher environmental exposure and infected prey consumption. The presence of seropositive free-roaming cats whose areas overlapped those occupied by humans and livestock may suggest an increased on-campus chance of T. gondii occurrence.