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Effect evaluation of 50% chlorantraniliprole FSB against Spodoptera frugiperda.


Objective: The paper was to understand the control effect of 50% chlorantrani liprole FSB on Spodoptera frugiperda and its influence on corn growth. Method: Field efficacy test was carried out to comprehensively evaluate the safety of 50%% chlorantranilipmole FSB on corn growth. Result: 50%% chlorantraniliprole FSB had good control effects on S. frugipenda, while corns also had good seedling emergence rate and strong growth at 14 and 20 d post sowing. There were significant difference in yield between treatment area and farmers' governance area, and high benefits had been achieved in treatment area. Conclusion: The technology is e economical and practical, and can be popularized and applied in large-scale field production.