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Catch dynamic of American grapevine leafhopper in vineyards of Sv. Ivan Zelina.


The American grapevine leafhopper is an invasive pest that occurs in most wine-growing areas of the Republic of Croatia. It is a main vector of the phytoplasma flavescence dorée, which causes grapevine yellow disease, therefore the aim of the research was to determine the catch dynamics of the pest in relation to the annual growth cycle of grapevine. The pest population was monitored in 2018 and 2019 using yellow sticky sheets Csalomon® SZs in two vineyards (Gradunje and Vrškojice) on the territory of Sveti Ivan Zelina. A total of 232 adult pests were caught in Gradnje vineyard and 686 in Vrškojice vineyard. The occurrence of the pest was recorded after the phenophase of grapevine flowering and the highest population was recorded during the phenophase of fruit development. A significant decrease in the pest population was recorded during the grape ripening phenophase, when the activity of the pest ended. The detected presence and abundance of the pest seriously threatens the cultivation of grapevines in the study area, and in order to prevent the spread of grapevine yellows, it is crucial to adapt spray treatments to the catch dynamics of the pest.