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Control and resprout capacity of the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima).


Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is considered a non-native invasive species in Spain. Chemical control tests have been done using the stem injection technique. In autumn, with two doses of Triclopyr (48%) in diameters smaller than 3 cm, the death of all treated individuals was observed, although outbreaks connected to them were not affected; Two doses of Clopyralid (72%) carried out a control of 100% and 96% respectively. In the spring, with four doses of Triclopyr (48%) and Clopyralid (72%) separately, greater control was obtained at a higher concentration. Injections to cut stumps with vinegar, detergent and a surfactant showed no control over the treated individuals. Rhizome fragments of 5 cm length and a diameter of 3-4 mm were able to sprout. Fragments of 7 cm length and a diameter of 7-8 mm generated shoots and roots.