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Characterization of the new invasive weeds in Catalonia.


Since the 80s of the last century, several new weed species have been introduced into Catalonia in the corn and rice crops of the territory. This work provides the experience on what attributes of the invasive species, in particular seed size, plant fertility, the longevity of the seed bank, the type of germination or the agricultural environment they affect in the species of more recent introduction in Catalonia, such as Sicyos angulatus, Leptochloa fusca or Amaranthus palmeri. This analysis draws conclusions to be taken into account to prevent the harmfulness of a species, such as its dispersal capacity depending on the environment they affect or its ability to recharge the seed bank when they affect the crop, which often goes associated with its adaptation to the agricultural work of each crop. With all this, it is intended to enumerate the most important concepts of a risk assessment analysis in the agricultural field and, also, for the design of an eradication plan for future introductions.