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Characterization of physical properties in soil under selected exotic trees in the Arboretum Mlynany.


Soil properties are one of the most important factors influencing good acclimatization of exotic trees in non-native environment. Hence, in Arboretum Mlyňany we have investigated whether the physical and hydro-physical soil properties are suitable for selected exotic trees. We explored soil properties at seven sites where on each of them grew one monoculture of examined trees. Results revealed that on the majority of Arboretum area were developed Luvisols, which were texturally medium-grained in A horizons, while B horizons contained increased amount of clay and were compacted. B horizons were characterized by increased bulk density and decreased non-capillary porosity therefore also reduced aeration. During long-term dryness in summer, among examined trees, merely the Japanese cedars suffered due to unsuitable soil-climatic conditions, what resulted to their poor growth. Even western redcedars which prefer high soil moisture grew well despite its site was characterized by high non-capillary porosity therefore rapid drainage of rainwater.