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Ornamental potential of Schomburkgia crispa Lindl.


Orchids are one of the groups of plants with the greatest commercialization potential. They have floral characteristics highly valued in the sector of flowers and ornamental plants. However, exotics species are the most commercialized. The native species are still little explored for their ornamental potential. Thus, this work describes the vegetative and floral morphological characteristics of Schomburgkia crispa Lindl. aiming at evaluating its ornamental potential. For such, seven individuals were chosen. The quantitative characters were evaluated in all plants, totaling fifty pseudobulbs and eighty-eight flowers. During flowering, the most representative plant was chosen for the visual evaluation of its morphological features through photographs. A floral diagnosis sheet based on photos of fresh flowers was prepared by keeping the maximum level of morphological details. At the end of the experimental period, averages and standard deviations were calculated for each character evaluated. The species S. crispa presented, on average, plants 46.17 cm long, 31.50 cm wide, and with 88 cm of diameter. For flowering characters, the species presented in general 16.50 flowers per plant, 14.67 per flower stem, and 4.66 flowers opened per day, with an average durability of 32 days. Thus, we conclude that the species S. crispa has a great ornamental potential for use in ornamental horticulture.