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Identification of odorant-binding proteins (OBPS) in aethina tumida.


Aethina tumida Murray (small hive beetle, SHB) is an invasive pest of Apis mellifera L. colonies, and is attracted to honey bee colony odors and pheromones. This work aims to investigate A. tumida odorant binding proteins (Atum_OBPs) from adult individuals, to improve the knowledge on the molecular basis of olfaction and, thus, contribute to the development of sustainable, sciencebased pest control strategies. RNA was extracted and sequenced from dissected SHB heads and antennae. Complete and partial Odorant-binding proteins (OBPs) were identified in downstream analysis. Overall, four classical OBP from heads and one Minus- C from antennae were recognized as complete OBPs. A phylogenetic analysis showed high sequence homology with previously predicted Atum_OBPs and OBPs described in other coleopteran species. Notably, the antennal OBP showed high similarity with one of the OBPs found in the head. Moreover, partial OBP 29 was detected for the first time in SHB head. This investigation provides an additional knowledge about the OBPs in A. tumida. The molecular mechanisms of olfactory perception include compounds other than OBPs. A more complete vision of the involved functions, structures and pathways is necessary to develop attractants for the SHB control in the field.