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Specific characteristics of niche and spatial distribution of invasive alien species Tarebia granifera in Buton island, Indonesia.


This research was conducted for a year, starting from August 2019 to August 2020, located in the river waters of Buton Island, in 5 district/city administrative areas. Objective of this study was to determine the typical characteristics of niche and spatial distribution of the invasive alien species Tarebia granifera in river waters of the island. Outcomes of this study are the standard data of bioecological aspect; it will be used as the scientific basis to set a management strategy of invasive alien species particularly in Buton Island and generally in Indonesia. Based on preliminary survey, sampling location of T. granifera was determined by a purposive sampling method. Meanwhile, a simple random sampling method was used to sample this invasive alien species. T. granifera was collected manually using gloves, because this snail lives on the surface of substrate (epifauna) and sticks to rocks and other hard objects in the river, so it was relatively easy to collect. T. granifera spread massively throughout the administrative region of Buton Island: in Buton Regency, South Buton Regency, North Buton Regency, Muna Regency and Baubau City. They occupies natural and artificial inland waterways, with various morphological characteristics such as, waterfalls, calm currents rivers, fast flowing rivers, muddy rivers, rocky rivers, sandy and gravel rivers as well as rice substrate, embankments/drainage and dams.