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Effect of the water extract of the Capsicum annuum and the insecticide (Relddan) in some aspects of the life of the Tuta absoluta.


The study included the study of the effect of both the water extract of Capsicum annuumers and the insecticide on some aspects of the life of the matrix T. absoluta, As a result of the destructive damage caused by this pest to the tomato crop in Iraq, three concentrations were used for both the pepper extract and the insecticide (1, 2 and 4), and studied the effect of these concentrations on egg hatching and the highest rate of hatching suppression 96.7% when using the pepper extract at a concentration of 4% and after 24 hours of laying eggs, Followed by the use of the insecticide, which gave the hatching of the hatchery by 73.7% at the same concentration and the age of the eggs. The rate of inhibition decreased significantly at the age of 72 hours and at the same concentration and treatments to 73.7 and 70.0% for the extracts and insecticide treatments respectively. The effect of the extract and the insecticide was significant, with the highest mortality rate of 67.6% at 4% concentration followed by the use of an insecticide, which gave 61.4% at the same concentration. The duration of larval role in the treatment of the pesticide was 31.0 days at the same concentration and decreased to 28.6 days in the treatment extract at the same concentration.