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Scientific support of production experiments in forest plantations of green zone in Nur-Sultan city.


Natural and climatic conditions of the green zone of Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) are un-favorable for tree and shrub species due to low soil fertility, sharply continental climate and other factors. The purpose of the research was to choose an assortment of stable introducents for Nur-Sultan green zone. The monitoring of growth and condition of artificial plantations included the selection of an assortment of stable coniferous introducents. The objects of research were coniferous introducents, which were planted in 2011 as container annual seedlings and three-year-old seedlings with open root system. According to the results of observations of conservation, taxation indicators and condition of artificial plantations, it was revealed that for the soil and climatic conditions of the research region, Picea nigra and Picea sibirica turned out to be the most adapted. Quercus robur was also characterized by good growth, but in the first years after planting, it was significantly damaged by late spring frosts and rodent ingestion. Larix sibirica, despite the fact that most of its plants died in the first years after planting, has adapted to soil and climatic conditions now and grows well enough and has a satisfactory condition. The safety of introduced plants planted with annual seedlings with a closed and open root system was practically the same and at the age of 8 it was 62.6 and 64.9%, respectively. It was revealed that it is better to plant crops with older seedlings (3-4 years old), because cultivation of annual seedlings with closed root system requires large financial and labor investments due to prolonged manual care. Therefore, to create artificial plantations in the green zone of Nur-Sultan, Picea sibirica, Picea nigra and Quercus robur can be recommended. When growing them, it is necessary to carry out thorough agro-technical cares and protection from rodents.