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Evaluation of body shape variation of indigenous and exotic Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792) in Bangladesh by geometric morphometric analyses.


Along with the native origin of Anabas testudineus in Bangladesh, this species originated from Thailand and Vietnam is also available for aquaculture in Bangladesh. The body shape variations of this species originated from three different regions have not been evaluated yet. In this study, geometric morphometry was used to identify the variations in body shape by delineating landmarks and analyzing the shape by interconnecting landmark distances. The landmark-based geometric morphometrics including 14 landmarks from each sample were analyzed by TPS software series and Past software version 3.0. The result showed 94.21% variance among Bangladeshi, Thai and Vietnamese A. testudineus in case of principal component 1 and highest variation was found in principal component 1. Subsequently, the result also showed 3.09% variance in case of principal component 2 and 1.93% variance in case of principal component 3. Females showed more variance compared to males (F, 94.24% vs M, 84.52%). In dendrogram, A. testudineus originated from Bangladesh formed a separate cluster whereas Thai and Vietnamese origin formed a sister cluster. This study confirms a considerable variation in shape exists in A. testudineus originated from three countries which would be useful to maintain purity of native stock in induced breeding programs.