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Energy nutritional value of grass mixtures with different ratio of components.


The experiment was carried out during the period 2016-2019 on light gray pseudo-podzolic soil in the experimental field of RIMSA - Troyan by the block method with the size of the harvest area 5 m2. The main chemical composition and nutritional value of the following grass mixtures were monitored by variants: bird's-foot-trefoil (100% - control); bird'sfoot- trefoil + cock's-foot (50:50); bird'sfoot- trefoil + red fescue (50:50); bird'sfoot- trefoil + Timothy grass (50:50); bird'sfoot- trefoil + cock's foot + red fescue + Timothy grass (25: 25: 25: 25). It was found that the mixture of bird's-foot-trefoil with red fescue had the highest crude protein content (147.87 g kg-1 in DM). The lower levels of ADL in the grassland with a mixture of the bird's-foottrefoil + Timothy grass (75.0 g kg-1 DM) provide for higher digestibility of the fiber components in the composition of the feed. The mixture of bird's-foot-trefoil + cock's foot + red fescue + Timothy grass had the highest calcium content (18.3 g kg-1 in DM) and the lowest of phosphorus (2.5 g kg-1 in DM). Feed units for milk and growth had the highest positive correlation (r =0.9845).