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Checklist of phytophagous insects on citrus from the Sternorrhyncha (Hemiptera) suborder in Mediterranean basin and the risk for introduction and harmfulness in Croatia.


First aim of this review paper is to make the checklist of the most important phytophagous insects from the Sternorrhyncha (Hemiptera) suborder that may feed on plants from genus Citrus, Fortunella and Poncirus, present in the Mediterranean basin. Second aim is to compare the mentioned list with Croatian findings from relevant literature. Third aim is to separate and describe possible risk for introduction and harmfulness of the most harmful species in Croatia. In the literature review 46 species (17 aphids, 21 scale insects, 6 whiteflies and 2 psyllids) which may feed on citrus plants were found to be present in selected countries. Out of that number, 37 species (13 aphids, 18 scale insects and 6 whiteflies) are reported for Croatia. Based on their potential to cause damages, ability to spread and the vicinity of the countries in which they are found, following species if introduced could be potential threat for citrus growing areas in Croatia: Toxoptera citricida (Kirkaldy), Aonidiella citrina (Craw, 1890), Parasaissetia nigra (Nietner, 1861), Trioza erytreae (Del Guercio, 1918), Aleurothrixus flocossus (Maskell, 1896) and Parabemisia myricae (Kuwana, 1927).