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Alarm on invasion of harmful organisms via postal parcels.


In recent years, with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, international postal parcels have been increasing sharply, thus giving rise to a new way for alien biological invasion. According to the "animal and plant quarantine information platform" of the General Administration of Customs, postal inspection intercepted a total of 4 975 harmful organisms nationwide. There were 219 quarantine organisms, including 142 insects, 27 weeds, 12 nematodes, 29 fungi, 1 bacterium and 8 viruses. Insects accounted for 64.84% of the quarantine organisms, among which Hypothenemus hampei had the highest interception frequency. Up to 71.36% of those harmful organisms were from seedlings, yet 47.31% organisms came from products esported from India. These analyses indicate the direction of future portal quarantine work and lay a theoretical foundation for better guarding the biological security.